Website Flipping Product Reviews

Website flipping touches many aspects of Internet Marketing. You have to know how to build websites, how to monetize them, how to market them, how to buy them, and most importantly – how to sell them! There are a variety of products and tools that are helpful for website flippers for any of these phases of the website flipping process. I will be reviewing various products and tools and will be posting links to those reviews here.

For those reviews of products and tools I recommend, there will be affiliate links. You can be rest assured, however, that the potential commission I make does not influence my recommendations. I would never recommend a product or tool that I haven’t used myself. I also don’t receive any products or tools for free in exchange for a favorable review. Every product and tool I review (whether I recommend them or not) I purchase myself and I actually use them or at the very least I study or test them.

Offline Website Flipping: Local Flip Formula Review

Local Flip Formula

Shows you how to build simple websites that you can quickly sell to local businesses and non-business owners in your community. It’s a totally unique approach to website flipping.

Best For:

  • Those interested in flipping websites outside traditional marketplaces like Flippa
  • Those interested in working with local businesses or "regular" folks (i.e. non Internet Marketers)

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How To Make Money With AdSense: The AdSense Report Review

Shows you how to build content-rich AdSense sites that rank well in the search engines.

Best For:

  • Intermediate to advanced internet marketers
  • Internet marketers that specialize in SEO

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