My Watchlist: Some Interesting Auctions on Flippa

This is a guest post by James Frost who has over four years experience flipping websites. Among the many web properties he owns is Financial Services Review, a leading finance article directory. If you have a finance-related site to promote, consider submitting a unique article to Financial Services Review.

As an active website flipper, I constantly troll the auction listings on Flippa not just to find something to buy, but also to educate myself about different market niches. Studying the Flippa listings is like being able to look under the hood of a business and see how it all works – without even placing a bid!

Amidst the endless worthless auctions of autoblogs and zero revenue websites, there are always a few listings that I find interesting. Not necessarily because I think they are a great buy, but because they are different in some way. Here are a few auctions currently going on that you may want to check out: Continue reading “My Watchlist: Some Interesting Auctions on Flippa”

The Two Types of Websites That Sell The Best On Flippa Are…

I was wondering what types of websites sell the best on Flippa so I thought I would do a little research and find out. I had a pretty good idea which ones were selling well but I wanted some data to back up my hunch. It turns out I was right on the money.

According to Flippa’s clearance rate data going back to April 18th of this year, autoblogs and AdSense sites outsold all other types of websites. For those of you not familiar with what the clearance rate is, it is simply the percentage of sites sold. In the spring, these two types of websites had clearance rates of 75% and 73% respectively – well over Flippa’s overall average clearance rate of 56% at the time. Take a look at the graph: Continue reading “The Two Types of Websites That Sell The Best On Flippa Are…”

What The Domaining Diva Has To Say About Website Flipping

Domaining DivaIt’s been a while since I’ve done an interview so I’m glad I finally have one to post! This interview was with one of the “original” website flippers. She was flipping websites before website flipping was cool. She has been flipping sites going back to the Sitepoint days!

Her name is Suzanne Bucciarel and no, that picture is not of her. You’ll learn more about that picture in a minute. I learned about Suzanne from the Warrior Forum. Whenever there is a question about buying and selling websites on the forum, you’ll always see Suzanne with a helpful reply. She has a lot of experience with website flipping.

She continues to flip websites today but her focus now is on selling established websites (i.e. websites that have traffic and revenue) and creating high-quality, niche blog packages that she sells on her website that she started over a year ago, Here is the interview I had with her just a few days ago… Continue reading “What The Domaining Diva Has To Say About Website Flipping”

Flippa Sets A New Record – $1 Million In Sales For One Week

Flippa announced on their latest blog post that they set a new record – $1 million in sales for one week. Here is a screenshot of the stats:

Flippa Sales Record

While that’s pretty impressive by itself, what I found interesting was this little nugget on the blog post:

“…the average price of property sold in the last seven days was $2,675, and a big slice of the action was in more modestly priced properties.”

If the average was really that low, then that means there were a lot of websites sold the past seven days! So much for a summer slow down. Continue reading “Flippa Sets A New Record – $1 Million In Sales For One Week”

Now A White Hat Strategy To Get More Bids On Your Flippa Auctions

Yesterday I made a post outlining a gray hat strategy for getting lots of bids on your Flippa auctions. If you follow that strategy, you’ll be able to get your auctions on the Most Active page on Flippa.

Getting on the Most Active page is important because that is where most of the buyers are. Today I’m going to show you a white hat strategy to get even more bids – and money – for your Flippa auctions. This is a white hat strategy because unlike the gray hat strategy, it is completely above board and doesn’t have any controversy with it. Continue reading “Now A White Hat Strategy To Get More Bids On Your Flippa Auctions”

A Gray Hat Strategy To Get Lots of Bids On Your Flippa Auctions continues to be the largest and most popular public marketplace for people to buy and sell websites. As a seller there, your goal is to not only sell your site but to get as much money as you can for it.

The best way to do that is to get your site on the Most Actives page on Flippa. This is where the majority of the buyers are looking. The only way to get on that page is to get a lot of bids on your auction as the auctions with the most bids get bumped into this “jackpot” page automatically.

So how do you go about getting a lot of bids? For starters, an established website with growing or consistent traffic and revenue will always fetch a lot of bids. Still, though, that sometimes isn’t enough to attract a lot of bids. Today I’m going to show you a gray hat strategy on how to get lots of bids on your Flippa auctions. It’s “gray hat” because some people object to it because they say it’s gaming the system. After learning the strategy, you can make up your own mind. Continue reading “A Gray Hat Strategy To Get Lots of Bids On Your Flippa Auctions”

July 2010 Most Actives and Top Sellers

Normally I get the previous month’s stats up much earlier than this but for some reason it took me longer this time around. Better late than never I always say:) At any rate, I posted the detailed Past Website Sales for July 2010.

Here is a quick summary table of the top 10 most actives and top sellers for July:

july website sales

You can get all of the most active and top sellers along with a lot more details for each site by visiting the Past Website Sales page.

Many of the sites in both the most active and top sellers were AdSense sites. If you’d like to build AdSense sites that make great money and sell for big bucks, be sure to check out my AdSense Report review.

The Current State Of The Major Website Flipping Marketplaces

Website Flipping MarketplacesLast week I published my interview with Justin of The interview focused on the FlipFilter tool itself. I followed up the interview with a couple questions for Justin about the current state of the major website flipping marketplaces.

Since the FlipFilter tool pulls data from these marketplaces and since Justin is really big into numbers and statistics, I figured he would be the best person to talk to about this topic. I wanted to tap into the treasure trove of data he has and get some insight on how the marketplaces are doing and where they’re heading. Here is what Justin had to say…

FW: Justin, what sorts of “global trends” have you noticed within the website flipping market as a whole over the past several months?

Overall, (looking at May to current) the numbers listed week on week has decreased, but relatively, only slightly (less than I would expect after all the recent ‘Flipping is Dead’ drama). This seems to have bottomed out so I guess we’re seeing more stability. Whilst Flippa has lost some traction, Digital Point is starting to gain some credible listings with bargains often being picked up for a 1/4 of the price the same site would sell for elsewhere. Overall, prices have dropped slightly too, but when you remove starter sites from the data, prices have actually got stronger as I guess buyers have recently become more savvy to what’s ‘value’.

FW: I would imagine you’ve become very familiar with the marketplaces FlipFilter pulls from. In your opinion, what is the current state of these marketplaces right now? Are they getting better, getting worse – what are your general thoughts?

Flippa, the largest by far, has the problem of being number one, and when you’re number one everyone decides to attack. For anyone unfamiliar with the industry, there’s been a lot of negative ‘chatter’ lately on blogs and forums from people experiencing problems with starter sites (no traffic no revenue) failing to sell (I believe there’s even a few angry commenters on their recent blog post). I won’t get into the great debate about why, and whether it was doomed to happen, but ultimately many people simply lost faith and gave up and both Flippa’s listing and clearance rates suffered.

They also have a more serious problem lately with fraud and non-paying bidders, which could be a ‘nail in the coffin’ if a solution isn’t found quickly. I think they’re a highly profitable company and I’m in awe of their success with so few employees, but it’s probably time they put some of that revenue back into hiring additional people to help with security in both the code and the financial transactions.

I think (hope!) Flippa has a long future left providing it can change people’s expectations and perceptions. I think a combination of looking outside the world of IM to general low level investors and a responsibility for user education is key.

Digital Point
Digital Point is a total enigma; on the one hand we see a lot (and I mean a lot!) of crappy listings and probably discard at least 60% before they even make it onto our site. On the other hand, I think people are generally unaware of the genuine bargains you can pick up if you know what to look for. This is a generalisation, but many of the sites I see listed are from sellers in India who are great at grasping the technical aspect – creating the site, getting Page Rank, getting ranked almost instantly for various terms and hence getting traffic. The design and copy though is usually quite poor and often so is the monetisation strategy, (sometimes due to geographic restrictions on affiliate or advertiser programs).

You can pick up a mainstream PR3 site for less than $300 that’s already receiving a fair amount of targeted US traffic on a .com or .net domain. Simply tweak the content without affecting things like keyword density to make it more legible, tweak the design to make the site more credible and add high paying mainstream monetisation methods. In most cases, you make what you paid for the site in the first month.

Ironically, I believe DP has the most certain future of them all as people generally have low expectations of what they will find. I once suggested that they would do better by extracting the sites for sale section into its own marketplace, but watching the fate of Flippa could show otherwise.

Website Broker
Website Broker has been around for a while, and could have been a serious competitor to Flippa, but unfortunately lacks quality control. We frequently see listings appear that make $1,000 per month with a price tag of $10 million and think, “Yep, that’s a Website Broker one.” I have seen some real good sites listed here, but unfortunately, there’s just too much ‘market spam’ for it to be a serious competitor right now. I think an acquisition from someone with fresh ideas and a good management strategy would put this site on top.

Webmasters Marketplace
Webmasters Marketplace is kind of like the underdog I hope will do well – partly because it’s run by a fellow brit 🙂 but it seems to be losing momentum. There is something here, but it needs a serious marketing push and some thought behind its strategy.

After Justin’s responses, it’s obvious Flippa remains king. The question will be, how long will they retain that title? Right now, it appears it is their title to lose and if they play their cards right, they could hold the #1 position for a very long time. It will be interesting to see how these marketplaces shake out in the months to come. I’ll be following up with Justin at the end of the year for another update.

The logos of the major marketplaces are copyrights and/or trademarks of their respective owners.

Luke Moulton, Marketing Manager for, Steps Down

Luke MoultonFor you experienced website flippers, you are well aware of who Luke Moulton is. For the rest of you, Luke was the Marketing Manager for, the largest and most popular marketplace for flipping websites. He did a good job getting the word out about Flippa during his brief 8-month stint. It seemed his mug and name where all over blogs and forums about website flipping – including this blog. In fact, Luke was gracious enough to do an interview with me back in March of this year.

According to his blog post, he turned in his notice two weeks ago so his tenure with Flippa is officially over. He said the reason he left was because of the 3 hour commute he faced everyday and the fact that he was away from his baby and wife 12-13 hours everyday. I don’t blame him. I couldn’t handle that commute and schedule either as I have two little ones myself.

I think Luke did a good job for Flippa and represented the marketplace well. I’m sure he’ll be missed by the higher-ups at Flippa. It will be interesting to see who fills his shoes – and to see what direction the new Marketing Manager takes the marketing and promotions for Flippa.

Some of you reading this might be wondering why Luke’s departure is worthy of a blog post. For one, Flippa is the largest and most popular marketplace right now and since the company is so small (less than 10 people as of March 2010), any changes in personnel is somewhat of a big deal – particularly this position since it is such a public position. Furthermore, there is part of me that can’t help to wonder if there are other reasons why Luke departed.

As reported by Justin at the blog, Flippa has taken a few lumps lately. First, the startup market (sites with no traffic or revenue) bottomed out, which is the bread and butter of the Flippa marketplace as far as I’m concerned. Then apparently there was a lot of noise from disgruntled users who were complaining of fraud and non-paying bidders. Finally, there was the Flippa hack gaff that occurred last week.

With Luke gone now it makes you wonder what’s going on. Regardless of Luke’s reasons for leaving, it hasn’t been a good week for Flippa.

P.S. I would like to personally thank Luke for being so accessible and helpful during his time with Flippa. I wish him the best of luck with his new endeavors!