Buying Sites With Great Products

The longer I work online, the simpler everything becomes. All the “shiny things” lose their appeal over time, and at the end of the day you find that making money online all boils down to adhering to a few key principles that always work.

One of the most basic things you need to start a good business is a high quality product. While market research, keyword research, copy writing, traffic generation, sales funnels, and the like are all very important components of any online business, I’ve found that they all become a little easier when you’re building off of a solid product you have faith in. It just makes it easier to do all that other stuff when you’ve got confidence in your ability to deliver on the promises you make when selling to your market.

One of the big draws for affiliate marketing is that without doing any product development, or customer support, you can create a website to pre-sell someone else’s product. So rather than creating value, countless thousands of internet marketers have chosen to go for the quick cash as an affiliate, only to fizzle out for lack of having their own audience, customer list, brand, and the like to build off of when major traffic giants like Google decide to slap them.

Which leads me to today’s post topic: Buying sites with great products! Remember those basic principles I spoke of earlier? One of them is that it’s usually better to buy than to build. (not ALWAYS of course). A huge hindrance to becoming a product vendor is its sheer difficulty for most people. In reality, creating products (especially info products) is pretty easy…but creating GREAT products can be very difficult, no matter what format you create them in.

One solution is to buy them! When browsing online marketplaces, I am of the opinion that most website investors think too narrowly…They look at the numbers, and if the site has great traffic and revenue, they’ll look into it further. If not, the site gets passed up. But buying websites is a great solution for more than ROI. It’s also a great solution for acquiring business building blocks, like a great product.

So, what makes a great product? Here’s a few of my own thoughts…

1.) Great products over deliver on any promises their sales messages convey. Which means the product should make writing your sales letter EASIER! You should be able to confidently look your prospects in the eye and tell them your product will fix their problem or they don’t pay.

2.) Great products come with everything the customer needs. In other words, all inclusive…nothing else needed to buy to achieve the desired end result.

3.) Great products are easy to use (or follow if it’s an info product). When buying a website for it’s original product, sometimes this is where the fix needs to happen. The product could be amazing, but if it’s a 500 page PDF file, think about converting it to video.

4.) Great products create traffic. The product should cause the customer to tell their friends and family how awesome their experience was, and create viral traffic from satisfaction. If a site you’re looking to buy has the above characteristics, but little viral traffic, perhaps you just need to build in mechanisms that make it easier to share via facebook and twitter that aren’t already there.

5.) Great products are mostly evergreen. They are tried and tested, and aren’t going to be obsolete in 3 months. You’ll be able to sell it for a long time to come.

A lot of things go into making a product great, these are just a few I had off the top of my head. Perhaps being a vendor is the missing piece in your online business? If so, I’d encourage you to look for sites with high quality original content you can use as your own.

What do you think? Tell us what makes a great product…

*closing tip*

One place a lot of people look to is Look for clickbank products that have expired due to lack of sales. Contact the owners and make them an offer. Ask to see the products. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Site Flippers: Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Today & Even More Tomorrow!

O.K., O.K, I admit the title is a little cryptic but let me explain. What I’m suggesting by the title is that site flippers can make money with affiliate marketing while they hold their properties and then they can make even more money when they sell them. The name of the game when you’re flipping websites is to get the absolute top dollar for them when you sell. In most cases you can only do that if your websites are making “good” money.

Affiliate marketing is a simple way to monetize your websites and to get them generating revenue as quickly as possible. Now it’s not as quick and easy as monetizing with AdSense or other advertising opportunities, but once you get it going you’ll make significantly more money. As an example, I owned a popular supplement website that was getting over 10,000 visitors per month. I was initially monetizing it with AdSense. At its peak, it was bringing in around $250 per month. I dropped AdSense completely and strictly promoted supplements as an affiliate. After that my revenues were consistently over $1,200 per month!

Here’s where it really gets good. I hung on to the site for a couple years because it was a total cash cow. I was making over $14,000 a year doing minimal work to the site. I eventually got bored with it and I knew sooner or later I was going to have to put more work into it or sell it. I chose to do the latter. Because it was such a solid earner, I was able to get over 10x monthly revenue for it. Granted, I probably would have gotten 10x monthly revenue if it was strictly an AdSense site but at only $250/month, I would have made a fraction of what I actually got when I sold it.

How To Master Affiliate Marketing

While it’s simple for site flippers to make money with affiliate marketing (and a lot of money at that), it isn’t necessarily easy. I have been a successful affiliate marketer and I owe ALL of my success to Site Build It! (aka SBI!). Ironically, I would never recommend SBI! for site flippers because it’s cost prohibitive. However, if you are struggling with making money as an affiliate marketer, than I have the best FREE resource you’ll ever find on the topic.

It’s called Make Your Site SELL! (MYSS!). It’s a 1,500+ page ebook that was coined, “The BIBLE of selling on the Net,” when it debuted over 10 years ago. It was updated in 2002. When I first started as an Internet Marketer in 2005, it was the first ebook I ever read. I practically memorized it. To this day I continue to refer back to it. I am not exaggerating when I say I owe most of my affiliate marketing success to this one ebook. It’s that good. You can get your copy by clicking here.

If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, then do yourself a favor and download the book. It’s free and you have nothing to lose. And for you skeptics reading this, I am not an affiliate for SBI! The link I have to the book is a straight link. I just believe in it and I think it should be a required read for anyone new to Internet Marketing or anyone who is struggling to make money with affiliate marketing.

As a site flipper, you can dramatically boost your income and your business’ bottom line if you can “master” the art of affiliate marketing. You may never monetize your websites with AdSense or advertising of any kind again!

Do You Have Any Tips or Resources On How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? Share Them In The Comments Below!