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Brian Owens
Founder - Brian Owens

Working with a website broker has many benefits. Perhaps the most obvious two are:

1.) access to premium listings you normally couldn’t find on your own
2.) Less hassle and higher profits for sellers.

These aren’t the only two reasons you should work with a reputable website broker, but if they are the top two reasons, Acquisitions Agency stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Brian Owens has been actively helping website buyers and sellers make more money in virtual real estate since 2006. In Brian’s own words, the mission statement for Acquisitions Agency is “to make sure everyone involved makes more money as a result of working with us. That means, the seller AND the buyer.”

Brian and his crew wouldn’t recommend a site for you to buy if it wasn’t one they would consider buying themselves. The minimum sale price for their listings is $10k and above, which weeds out a lot of the unvaluable “quick flipper” sites you could build on your own for less money.

Acquisitions Agency can help you get started in the right direction with a personal touch, no matter what role you desire to play in this market. Below is a brief description of the services they offer to people like us.

Acquisitions – Looking to buy a solid business with established revenue and traffic? You have two options…

A.) Join the Hot List – By subscribing to their “Hot List” you get first crack at making offers on every new listing that comes their way. Not only do you get a 3 day lead time on everyone else, each Hot List email gives detailed analysis of each business including all the important metrics you need to know, and play by play advice as to how you can grow the business as the new owner.

B.) Hire Acquisitions Agency as Your Personal Business Takeover Agent – Have something specific you’re looking for? You can submit a buyers form on their site letting them know the kind of business you’d like to buy, and they’ll personally start scoping out those markets, and approaching business owners on your behalf. Then, they’ll get the owner to agree to sell in your price range, and hook the deal up for you! You’ll be charged a finder’s fee going this route, but having your ideal business cherry picked for you is worth it.

Business Exits (for sellers) –

When you’re ready to sell your site, why do all the work to create an enticing listing description, list it publicly in a marketplace, and STILL pay a 5%+ success fee? Auction marketplaces are full of buyers who are looking for a deal. Not serious investors who are willing to pay you the amount your site is actually worth!

Acquisitions Agency has a list of investors with pockets that go very deep. They know a good business when they see one, and Acquisitions Agency goes out of their way to present your business in the best possible light to them.

Their buyers know they’ll never be shown a site they shouldn’t think about buying, so getting your site syndicated to their investor list could potentially get you a lot more money than you would otherwise get in an auction format.

The brokerage fee you pay depends on the size of the sale, BUT, there are no listing fees. You only pay them if they get you a buyer at the price YOU want. And, they do all the work!

Why Acquisitions Agency Is One of Our Recommended Website Brokerage

We’ve purchased several sites through them ourselves, and are actively working with them on a regular basis.

Lastly, we recommend you work with them because they are flat out willing to help you. No matter what your knowledge level is, you can always shoot them an email with questions about buying and selling websites and get a quick reply with their thoughts.

If you’re interested in working with Acqusitions Agency or would like to sell your site, please click here to fill out the “Sell Your Site” form.

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