Offline Website Flipping: Local Flip Formula Review

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Local Flip Formula Review Overview

Where most ebooks and courses on website flipping show you how to build a website around a specific topic or niche and then flip it at marketplaces like Flippa, Local Flip Formula shows you how to build SIMPLE websites that you can quickly sell to local businesses and non-business owners in your community. It’s a totally unique approach to website flipping.

Here are the differences between traditional website flipping and the Local Flip Formula approach…

The Traditional Approach to Website Flipping

  • Pick a niche
  • Build a site optimizing a handful of pages for long-tail keywords
  • Make the site “look pretty”
  • Sell it for $100-$300 as a startup, or develop it for several months and sell it for more
  • Try to sell hosting as part of the deal (but not likely since most Internet Marketers already have their own hosting)

The Local Flip Formula Approach

  • Pick a town or city – any size, in any state, in any country
  • Pick a business category
  • Build a site with 5-6 pages optimizing for easy LOCAL keywords
  • Sell it for $300 – $1,500 within a few weeks
  • Get residual income easily by providing hosting (since most buyers of these websites will need hosting)
  • Sell add-on services (i.e. an optin with autoresponder)

As you can see, Local Flip Formula is a more streamlined approach to website flipping. It doesn’t require as much work and the upside for these simple sites is tremendous. Not only are you making good money upfront for very little time and effort, but you’ll make residual income on the hosting you’ll provide.

Plus, if you do well with this, it is highly likely these businesses will hire you to do more work for them. You may be able to turn website flipping into a full time offline consulting gig if you desire! In fact, if you have an interest in offline consulting, the techniques in Local Flip Formula are a perfect way to get your foot in the door with businesses.

Who Is Local Flip Formula Best For?

  • Anyone who has an interest in flipping websites outside of the traditional avenues (i.e. Flippa)
  • Anyone who has an interest in working with local businesses or “regular” folks (i.e. non-Internet Marketers)

What Do You Get With Local Flip Formula?


Main Local Flip Formula guide
(47 pages)

Consultant Model guide
(18 pages)

Hero Model guide
(22 pages)

7 indepth training videos + bonus interview video

A Look Inside…


Main Local Flip Formula Guide

Step 1: Pick a model (Consultant or Hero)
Step 2: Choose a niche or business type
Step 3: Keyword research
Step 4: Choose a domain
Step 5: Create the website – emphasis on WordPress (3 WordPress training videos provided)
Step 6: Create value (WordPress SEO training video provided)
Step 7: Closing the deal, the Flip
Step 8: Long-term residual income opportunities (web hosting business training video)
Outsourcing – how to scale this business (Outsourcing training video provided)
Add ons & up sells (training video provided)
Bonus video – interview with an expert offline consultant


Consultant Model Guide

Create simple websites (5-7 pages) to sell to local businesses

This guide discusses…

  • Different types of websites to develop for this model
  • How to sell them with specific examples


Consultant Model Guide

Create simple websites (a blog with 5 main pages) to sell to non-business owners

This guide discusses…

  • Different types of websites to develop for this model
  • How to sell them with specific examples
  • How Much Money Do You Need To Get Started?

    • $8 for each domain you register
    • $10-$25 for a shared or reseller hosting account
    • $100-$150 if outsourcing graphics, article writing, WordPress install and setup

    Total Required: $18 – $150

    How Long Will It Take To Make Money With Local Flip Formula?

    According to the author, a few days to a few weeks. Keep in mind, however, that the author is an experienced Internet Marketer and offline consultant. For the newbie or average Internet Marketer/Website Flipper, I would say realistically it will take 1-2 months to get things going.

    My Recommendation

    Offline marketing is huge right now. Businesses are hungry to get online and are looking for ways to spend their marketing dollars more effectively. In addition, there are a lot of people out of work looking for VALID ways to make money. Given these conditions, the opportunity is ripe for this method of website flipping.

    This method of website flipping also doesn’t require large and complex websites and is only $47. I say “only” because most decent website flipping products available right now start at $57 and go as high as $1,000! And most of the products are just rehashed material of traditional website flipping. This method is totally different than any other product out there right now.

    Given the market conditions, the simplicity and uniqueness of the concepts taught, the affordable price, and the indepth training and videos provided, I highly recommend Local Flip Formula!

    Still Not Sure It’s Right For You?

    Read my detailed interview with the author of Local Flip Formula where I grill him about the book. Chances are, any questions you have I asked:)

    Click Here To Get the Local Flip Formula Today!

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    1. Some good news!

      Localflipformula was introduced back in April this year and was an instant HIT. Now, version 2 is in the making and will be available soon!! So get the news out to everyone and get ready for an even better package and a more massive, anticipated HIT!!!

      See you soon!

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