Complete List of Places to Buy and Sell Websites

We just finished up the latest seminar for entrepreneurs who are interested in buying and selling websites.

At the event, one of the most popular handouts was a list we put together of the top places to buy and sell websites.  The list had the top 15 sites just focused on buying and selling online businesses, several sites focused on offline as well as online businesses and a shorter list of forums that post sites for sale.

If you want to buy websites or you want to list a site for sale, I’d highly recommend checking out the list and sharing it with as many people as you’d like, just give the page credit.

You can get the list at

Increase Visibility of Website Auctions By 300%

This simple technique can increase views to an auction page by 300%, but very few people actually use it.

Why? There is some work involved. Yep, anything worth doing that creates amazing results typically requires a little work.

In this case, it’s a Press Release. Don’t go running off just yet. Although the use of press releases has been widely talked about and recommended by many online marketing experts for years, there is still a hesitation by many to use them.

The reason for the hesitation is simply that a press release requires the work of writing the content and a small fee to get circulated. However, the fees of press release options have come down a lot over the years. I recall paying more than $750 for one press release almost ten years ago and with a lot less exposure than it would get now. Continue reading “Increase Visibility of Website Auctions By 300%”

Top Mistakes When Buying a Website

Buying WebsitesAre you making these mistakes when buying websites?

If you are buying websites regularly or are a first time buyer, there are some common mistakes you should be aware of that can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars if not avoided.

The first mistake many people make when buying websites is they get caught up in the emotion of the sale.  They fall in love with the website before the purchase.  During the website due diligence phase of reviewing the site, they may find something that causes a red flag, but they look past it because they love the site so much. Continue reading “Top Mistakes When Buying a Website”