How To Do A Whois Lookup With

Learning how to do a Whois lookup is something you definitely should master whether you are a regular website flipper or just an occasional flipper. has been used by domainers for a long time as a comprehensive Whois lookup tool and can uncover lots of valuable information about a domain for the website flipper. Most of the information you’ll need from this tool is free but there are paid tools available as well for advanced flippers. This video provides a quick overview of the tool and what kind of information you can get from it.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be able to get from this tool:

– Whois Lookup including registered domain owner, registration and expiration dates of the domain, and administrative and technical contact info of the domain owner
– Registrant History
– IP History
– Reverse IP
– Site Profile

Be sure to read the due diligence series I referenced in the video to learn why the information gleaned from this tool is so important.

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