Selling Websites: 5 Tips for Maximum Profit

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When it comes to the business of selling websites you should take every opportunity you can to increase your profits. One thing you can do is work on your listing presentation. While a great listing might not make your site more valuable, it can increase your listing’s visibility and perceived value and as a result end in a quick and more profitable sale. Here are a five things you can do to make your listings stand out from the rest so that they attract more buyers and more money to your bottom line!

1. Start Your Auctions at $1 with No Reserve

If you have a site with good traffic and decent revenue – or anything that make your website valuable (i.e. a large email list) – you will make more money with a $1 no reserve auction. The reasoning is simple. When a website is listed so low you lower the barriers of entry to bidding. Even though a buyer knows they won’t get the site for a $1, they’ll bid anyway because they’ll think they can get the site for a steal of a deal. And once you get a bunch of buyers bidding, eventually a few will get into a bidding war and you’ll watch the price for your site increase before your eyes.

2. Keep Your Auctions Under 7 Days

If you’ve ever bought websites before, you know how frustrating it is when you find a site that you like but the auction doesn’t end for 15 or 30 days. It drives you crazy, right? And if you’re like me, you skip those auctions and move to something else. Don’t let this happen to your listings. Buyers don’t like to wait around so keep your auctions short – 5 to 7 days is ideal.

3. Write a Compelling Title

The first thing you need to do to build a great site listing is to develop a strong and enticing title for your listing. It has to have all the information someone needs to figure out if it is a listing they should be interested in. However, it should also be attractive enough to set your listing apart from other competing listings.

4. Highlight What Makes Your Site Valuable

Once you draw in a prospective buyer with an attractive title, it’s time to show them why your site has value. This is where you cut through all the fluff and tell them exactly what makes your site valuable. There is no reason to try to be showy in the body since the buyer is already interested. Now, you load them up on the facts that make your site most appealing. Does it make consistent income from month-to-month? Does it rank well in the search engines? Does it have a large mailing list? Whatever points make your site the most valuable you want to highlight them in the body of your listing.

5. Provide Proof with Screenshots & Video

It’s imperative that you provide proof to backup any claims you make about your website. Whether your site generates thousands of dollars of income or just a few hundred, prospective buyers will demand proof. The best way to do that is with screenshots, or better yet, with videos. Take screenshots of your web analytics and revenue and make them part of your listing. Taking buyers on a video tour of your analytics and revenue is even more convincing. You can take screenshots and make videos quickly and easily with Jing. It’s a free tool so take advantage of it and make sure you use it whenever you are selling websites!

In any competitive market, standing out is crucial. When you’re trying to sell your website you want to take every opportunity to improve your profits. You can accomplish that with these five simple tips when selling websites for maximum profit!

If you’re considering selling your site, please click here to fill out our “sell your website” form.

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