Website Flipping 2.0: Selling Websites Online Through Craigslist

Online business models are quickly evolving, my friends, and the website flipping business is no different. As professionals who buy and sell websites, we’re all familiar with the usual marketplaces like, the Warrior Forum, etc. but I’ll bet not too many of us think of Craigslist as a viable marketplace for flipping websites. I welcome you to Website Flipping 2.0!

Just as Web 2.0 changed the way we used and experienced the Internet, Website Flipping 2.0 will change the way we sell our websites online. It will give us another avenue to reach highly targeted buyers – specifically local businesses.

In this interview with William Schueddig, a fellow Warrior Forum member, you’ll learn how he utilizes Craigslist to sell his websites to local businesses and even to general website buyers. He provides some incredibly useful information here that you can take and run with to start making money selling websites online through Craigslist!

FW: I read several of your posts on the Warrior Forum and it was apparent to me that you were a regular site flipper. Was my assumption correct?

Actually, it is part time. I work full-time as an IT Administrator and do all of my personal home business stuff (Internet Marketing, website flipping, product creation, website hosting, etc.) on the side.

FW: What’s your style of website flipping – do you buy websites and then flip them or do you build them and then flip? What type of flipper are you?

I do not buy websites – never have and never needed to. I have acquired domain names, but not that many – probably 20 or so. I’ve never spent more than $50 to acquire a domain name, but I only buy domain names if I know I can flip them.

What kind of website flipper am I? I guess I’d call it Opportunity Flipping. I sell many types of websites – locally targeted, quick MRR sites, established and profitable websites, software I’ve developed, and of course just domain names.

FW: You do something I suspect not a lot of site flippers do and that is you sell websites online through Craigslist. Tell me more about this.

Craigslist is just another way to get the word out, but it has several benefits:

  • Many times, I get to talk to potential buyers. When I’m on the phone, I can answer any question they have, express myself so the potential buyer can hear my excitement and confidence. Right away, they can tell that I’ve been doing this a long time…which builds trust. Once someone trusts you, they are more likely to buy from you.
  • It’s FREE! No spending a dime to post a website for sale in ANY city or state.
  • It’s easy. I can create an ad and post it in a few minutes. At the end of the time period, if the domain name/website hasn’t sold, it’s just a few clicks to repost it – again for free. I can also add to the description at any time.
  • It’s great for SEO. If I optimize my ad, then it gets found in search engines, which brings in even more potential buyers.

FW: Give me a sense of how successful you are at selling websites online through Craigslist?

Not as successful as sites that specialize and target websites for sale (Flippa, Warrior Forum, Sedo, etc). People visiting those sites are looking to buy. There isn’t a “Websites For Sale” category on Craigslist, so you have to put your ads in a relevant category and wait for someone to come across it in the jungle of other ads that people post there every day.

FW: Are the websites you’re selling on Craigslist geared towards local businesses, and are they fully developed with content or are they more template-driven?

Selling a local website to a local potential buyer is easier, but I’ve sold general websites that had nothing to do with locality, too. It all depends on what catches the buyer’s attention, but in order to sell anything you have to get in front of people so they know it’s for sale. Craigslist does that very well.

The sites I sell are always developed – even if it’s just a WordPress blog with a few posts. It should have some content on it so potential buyers will have something to look at when they visit, relevant content so they can see potential, and to up sell them on other things (web design, hosting, seo, etc.)

FW: The websites that you do sell that are targeted towards local businesses, are they content sites or more directory-style websites?

If I’m selling a local website, yes, I add targeted content about the location so a potential buyer can see the potential of the website. Directory sites, yellow pages, review sites, etc. The content must match or be relevant to the domain name.

FW: Can I ask you what the average selling price is for the sites you sell on Craigslist?

Not sure of an average, but I’ve sold sites from $100 to $3500. Most are under $500.

FW: Do you offer hosting to potential buyers?

I always include free hosting with the website sale. It’s just one less thing that the potential buyer has to worry about. I normally include 3 months, but if I’m asking for a larger amount, I’ll include 12 months. I’m a hosting reseller so once their free hosting period is over, I still get paid if they continue hosting through me, which is about 90% of the time.

FW: Are there specific businesses that you build your websites around to sell online through Craigslist? For example, do you build mostly plumbing business websites?

It can be a variety of domain names. It all depends on what domain names I can find to register. I try to stick with two-word variations [city][keyword].com or [state][keyword].com so it’s easy to remember and better for SEO.

FW: Do you list these sites in multiple cities on Craigslist or do you just list them in one city?

If it’s a general, non-local website, then I’ll post in several major cities. I’ll only post a locally targeted website in that city or surrounding cities.

FW: Do you build exclusive websites for sale? For example, if you sell a website to a dentist on Craigslist, will you sell another dentist site or do you pitch your site as being “one of kind?”

I do build exclusive sites, but I make sure that is mentioned in the sales description. This makes it more appealing to the buyer so they know I won’t just copy the site and resell it over and over.
Local sites are different. If I can sell the same website on a different domain name in a different city, then it saves me time.

FW: Can you describe how you structure your Craigslist ads?

I keep it simple. I’d rather have someone contact me to ask for more information. That way I can sell them over the phone or email them better details. A lot of times, they just want to know they are dealing with a real (possibly local) person. I’ll add a detailed paragraph that explains what the domain name could be used for, some good bullet points, and a relevant image that adds a visual appeal. I also put the asking price in the ad. That will weed out looky-loos and attract real buyers.

(Click here to see a screenshot of one of William’s ads)

FW: When you post the ad, what category do you list it in? Do you put it in the “For Sale” category, the “Business” category, or do you put it in the category the business falls in?

I post it in the Business or Computer category under For Sale.

William Schueddig is a long-time Internet Marketer, Online Entrepreneur, and has authored several ebooks. He is the webmaster of many websites including:

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  • I have seen lately that Google is not giving as much weight to Craigslist as they use to.  In the past you could almost hit 1st page on Google with a quick Craigslist ad in a matter a minutes.  How has this effected your results selling your websites on Craigslist?

    • I don’t think William relies on google since he’s selling to local businesses.

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  • I just wanted to thank you for this article. Very interesting. I’ll have to start reading William’s posts on WF. Between Craiglist and the video about getting more traffic to your sites for sale, I think I’ll probably have better results flipping sites than I would if I hadn’t found this resource.

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