Increase Visibility of Website Auctions By 300%

This simple technique can increase views to an auction page by 300%, but very few people actually use it.

Why? There is some work involved. Yep, anything worth doing that creates amazing results typically requires a little work.

In this case, it’s a Press Release. Don’t go running off just yet. Although the use of press releases has been widely talked about and recommended by many online marketing experts for years, there is still a hesitation by many to use them.

The reason for the hesitation is simply that a press release requires the work of writing the content and a small fee to get circulated. However, the fees of press release options have come down a lot over the years. I recall paying more than $750 for one press release almost ten years ago and with a lot less exposure than it would get now.

Why Use Press Releases to Sell a Website

The reason for writing a press release isn’t just to build back links but also to drive quality traffic to your auction page as well. People are searching for specific topics related to a site that could be for sale on an auction but have never thought about buying a site before, until they see the press release. You bring in buyers who may have never been a buyer prior to reading the press release.

The key to any press release to get exposure is to be news worthy. Selling a website that has any history or traffic to it is “news worthy”.

Some website flipping experts have said that you shouldn’t attract a lot of attention to your auction in case there are developers looking to recreate your same site or competitors could take your ideas.Here’s the thing: If someone wants to reverse engineer a site they can do it just by using a few basic tools online right now. Anything you share in the auction other than potentially income is knowledge just about anyone can get with a few quick searches. In fact, anyone who knows your industry can tell you what the site is making just based on the traffic figures.

So ignore the naysayers. If your goal is to sell the site, which I would hope it is because you have the site posted in an auction, then page views is what you need and a press release will do that.

Sample Press Release for Selling a Website

Here is a sample press release for announcing an auction of a website.

Title: Largest [your niche to its finest detail] Website For Sale!

Short Description: Established in [month/year], the first [news site / blog / forum] dedicated to [what] is for sale! [Site name] is a website that has gained massive popularity among [who?] during the last [how many?] months.

Main Content:

In [current month], the owner of the website, a [country] based Internet Marketing company [Make up a name if you don’t have one], have decided to sell the website by listing it at an Internet Auction on an Australian-based auction site (or wherever you posted the site)

Commented by [your name], the [your position] for [your (imaginary) company]: “The final decision to sell the website was made already in [month], after seeing how popular the website got when [something that happened back then].”

“Our main business here at [your company] is [name a business other than site flipping] and maintaining websites is simply a side-venture. This particular website was acquired from a private person and re-selling it on a public auction was our main exit strategy ever since the purchase”, [your last name] added.

The company decided to list [the url of the website] for sale at Australian based mainly because this is the largest marketplace dedicated to auctioning websites, as well as because they have had previous success using Flippa’s services.

The auction for [your site] starts at a starting bid of $[bid] and even though there is no reserve price set for this [x]-day auction, the company hopes to see a winning bid that exceeds $[amount].

Interested parties can find the auction at [the URL of the listing].


[Company name] is a [country] based company that [what does it do?].

— end —

Where to Publish a Press Release

Although you can submit a press release for free, I highly recommended using a paid service.

Below is the list of some of the best PR submission sites I’ve used in the past and keep using – most of them have both free and paid options:

WebWire (

This is my first recommendation and the site I use almost exclusively now. The $24.95 option is a good place to start.

Newswire Today (
THE best free PR submission site if you ask me.

They usually approve new PRs within an hour or two, and Google News seem to adore them, publishing PRs distributed by them almost instantly!

PR Log (

Press Releases are published instantly (no manual approval) and Google (I’m talking about organic results, not Google News) seems to index their PRs extremely fast and rank them rather high, allowing you to get your release appearing in page #1 sometimes in a matter of a day or two!

Whichever site(s) you choose, it’s always important to read their guidelines carefully and follow them to the point. If you don’t, you can be sure that your release either won’t get published or will get deleted very soon after getting published.

If you’ve used press releases to promote your site or auction, please provide your experiences in the comments below.


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  • Great post Dave!

    This came to my attention when a member of my forum posted the link on a thread another member had posted about their first flip.

    I’d recently put together a report on a ‘quick cash flipping’ strategy I’ve used, to provide to members of our forum.

    I’d love to be able to re-print this on our forum and in our report – with accreditation and link of course. Let me know~

    Michael Ullman