Past Website Sales

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Important: Please Read!
Whether you are buying websites or building websites from scratch to flip, it’s important to “see” what has sold in the past. Each link above will take you to the most active and top selling websites for that month. This data is helpful for a few reasons. The most actives will show you what types of websites are in demand and will be most useful for short-term website flippers. By knowing what types of websites are in demand, you’ll know what types of websites to build for a successful short-term flip.

The top sellers provide a treasure trove of information not only for long-term flippers but for Internet Marketers as well. These premium websites are virtual blueprints for success if you can reverse engineer them effectively. So how do you do that? That’s easy. Here’s how you do it…

First, take notes as to when the websites were established, how many unique visitors they got, and most importantly, how much revenue they produced. Then click through to the auction listings and learn how the websites generated their revenues and what sorts of things the previous owners did to promote these websites. Visit the websites themselves to see how they are designed, organized, and generally structured. Finally, if any of the top sellers are in niches you are building or buying websites in, check the backlinks to these websites. You’ll learn how many backlinks you may need to get (and where to get them from) to have the same success!