4 Article Marketing Tips: Article Marketing Strategies for Beginners

The following article marketing tips probably aren’t considered any kind of new article marketing strategy for advanced marketers, but they might be a good reminder nonetheless. One of the quickest and easiest ways to drive traffic to the websites you’re building or buying as a site flipper, is to write and distribute articles. It has been the secret to my success since I started with this online stuff back in 2005.

There are entire ebooks written on this subject so by no means do the following article marketing tips cover everything. As the title of this article suggests, I’m only covering the absolute basics here. If you are new to article marketing, then these are the bare minimum steps you’ll want to take. I’ll be covering more advanced techniques and article marketing strategies in future articles. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Here is a mind map of this article marketing strategy:

article marketing strategy

Tip #1: Write a High Quality, Original Article for Your Website

Write an original 400-500 word article for your website – making sure to optimize it for your primary keyword – or have someone else write it. If you outsource it, expect to pay at least $5 and possibly as much as $10. Since this article will be the foundation of more articles to follow and since this is your website and your reputation is on the line, make sure it is a well-written, quality article. Don’t take the easy way out here or go cheap. There is no excuse for junk!

After you have published the article on your website, you’ll then want to ping your websites’ RSS feed. But before you ping the feed, make sure you have submitted the feed to all the major RSS directories. If you have WordPress, this will be done for you automatically – another reason (of MANY) why you should be using WordPress! Hint. Hint.

Tip #2: Rewrite the Original Article & Submit to EzineArticles.com

Once you have the original article for our website completed, you’ll want to rewrite it again or hire someone else to do it for you. You’ll pay around $5 for a rewrite. It has to be a totally unique article from the original. This should also be a high quality, well-written article that is optimized for your primary keyword! You’ll also want to write a compelling author’s resource box with two backlinks to your site. One of the backlinks should point to your main domain and one should point to the original article.

You’ll then submit the rewrite to EzineArticles.com. Once you have at least one article published on EzineArticles, you’ll have your own author’s RSS feed. Like your website’s RSS feed, you’ll want to submit this feed to all the major RSS directories. Then each time your articles are approved on EzineArticles, you’ll ping your author’s feed.

Tip #3: Submit Your EzineArticles Article to Other Major Article Directories

AFTER EzineArticles has approved your article, then you can submit that same article to the other major article directories. I’ve listed the major article directories I recommend below. Please note that some of these directories are using the no follow tag which means you won’t get any backlink love. You should still submit to them, however, because my experience has shown that you can get decent direct traffic from these directories because articles from these directories tend to rank well.

No Follow Article Directories:

Do Follow Article Directories:
Site-Reference.com (for Internet Marketing topics only)

One More Article Marketing Tip – Going Beyond the Basics

Tip #4: Rewrite Your Ezine Articles Article and Submit it to the Other Article Directories

I’ll be covering more advanced article marketing tips in future articles, but suffice to say, there is one thing you can do beyond the basics outlined above to give you an edge over your competitors. One simple article marketing strategy that has worked well for me is to rewrite the original article one more time. I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it in the end.

This rewrite doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer like the ones on your website and EzineArticles should be, but it should still be readable. You’ll then submit this rewrite to the other article directories mentioned above instead of just submitting your EzineArticles version. This will give you more unique content on the Net and will give you a better chance of having your articles indexed in the search engines.

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13 Quick and Easy Ways on How To Find a Niche

No matter what kind of site flipper you are, you need to know how to find a niche that is popular to know what sites to buy or build for maximum profit down the road. There are two kinds of site flippers: short-term flippers and long-term flippers. A short-term flipper is someone who builds (or buys) websites that they’re going to flip relatively quickly – most likely within a year but often times within a few months. A long-term flipper is someone who builds or buys a website with the intent of hanging on to it for at least a year. Depending on what kind of flipper you are will depend on what kind of niche research you conduct.

How To Find a Niche for Short-Term Flippers

1. Flippa.com
If you’re looking to turn a site around relatively quickly, then you need to know what is selling now! The best place to find out is to head to Flippa.com. Specifically, you want to browse through the “Just Sold” section of the website. This should be obvious, but what you are seeing are websites that have actually sold. If you browse through them, you’ll be able to see which niches are most popular. These are the niches you either need to build or buy websites around.

Conversely, if you want to know what niches to avoid, then browse through the Ended Unsold section. Now you need to be careful when looking through these listings because many times a site won’t sell because the seller doesn’t know what they’re doing (i.e. pricing it too high, not highlighting what makes their site valuable, etc.) or the site itself is just a train wreck. Still though, you will be able to spot trends as to which niches aren’t so hot.

2. WarriorForum.com
The Warrior Forum is another decent place on how to find a niche that may be worth pursuing. You’ll want to browse the complete websites for sale section of the forum. This site is a little harder to quickly get an idea of what’s selling given the forum format. There aren’t a lot of websites for sale here compared to Flippa so it’s easy to check out each post to find out what level of interest there is in the niche.

How To Find a Niche for Long-Term Flippers

3. Amazon.com
Amazon is the cat’s meow when it comes to finding hot and popular niches to build or buy websites around. As the largest ecommerce retailer in the world, you will be able to quickly and easily spot the best niches to pursue. First you want to visit the Amazon Best Sellers. And once you are there, you can browse the best sellers by category – enough said. Don’t ignore the Hot Sellers, Most Wished for, and Most Gifted sections either. All of these are indicators of what niches are popular.

4. eBay Pulse
This is another old stand-by for niche research. You’ll see the most popular searches for all of eBay but then you can drill down by category. Not only will you discover popular niches, but you will find some great keywords as well;)

5. eBay Popular Products

This is often an over-looked area on eBay by site flippers and Internet Marketers in general but is one you definitely want to add to your list. You not only get the top products overall, but you also get at a glance the top products for each category. Then if you click to any of the categories, you get the top ten products for that category.

6. Buy.com
Buy.com’s most popular categories should be another site in your niche research arsenal. Buy.com is ranked as one of the largest ecommerce sites behind Amazon. If something is popular there, you can bet there is strong overall demand for it. At just a glance, you can see the most popular products in each category and subcategory.

7. Shopping.com
As one of the largest comparison shopping sites, these guys have the inside track on what’s hot. If you want to know how to find a niche quickly, this is your site! They have created a Consumer Demand Index which reveals emerging trends and “hidden gems” while of course highlighting what’s currently hot.

8. Magazines.com
This site has thousands of magazines you can subscribe to. The “gurus” will always advise you visit your local bookstore and browse the magazine rack for niche ideas but why bother when I can have instant access to thousands of magazines with just a few clicks – from the comfort of my own home no less! The idea here is if there is an entire magazine (or magazines) dedicated to a particular subject, you can bet there is demand – especially if the magazine is published monthly.

9. SmartBargains.com
This is another site that flies under the radar when it comes to niche research but it’s a good site to add to the mix. SmartBaragains.com is all about getting great bargains on home, fashion, and jewelry. Browse through all the categories and you can sort the products by best sellers to see what products are selling well.

10. OverStock.com
Like SmartBargains.com, OverStock.com is also about getting great deals on home, fashion, jewelry – and a lot more. Same thing here – browse through the categories and sort by top sellers to see what’s hot.

11. 43things.com
Now this site provides a much different niche research experience than any other I’ve mentioned so far. Here you’re not going to find information on what products are hot or selling well. Instead, you’re going to get into the minds of people to see what they want. It could be a relationship, a diamond ring, or a dog. At the time of this writing, the most popular things wished for were to make $100,000 per year and to stop binge eating (something I suffer from myself). These are two niches (make money online and dieting) that you could pursue. And what’s really slick is that binge-eating is a very targeted niche within dieting so a smart marketer could do very well with it!

12. PayPal Shops

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are all too familiar with PayPal. As Internet Marketers, it is a service we use every day but did you know it also provides an incredible niche research tool? Click on any of the Shops Categories and you’ll see all the ecommerce stores (ranked by volume) that use PayPal as one of their payment processors. This provides a wealth of information. You can not only see what types of products are selling the most, but you can also visit those stores and see what specific types of products they are selling. You can also study those stores to see how they are laid out to convert so well. After all, if they are making so many sales, they must know what they are doing.

13. ClickBank.com
No niche research would be complete without mentioning the ClickBank marketplace. If you are new to Internet Marketing, I can promise you just about any ebook or course you buy on how to make money online will mention ClickBank. It’s the largest marketplace of info products. If you are building or buying websites based on providing information – as in an ebook – then you need to familiarize yourself with ClickBank.

Here you can search info products by category and then sort them by popularity and gravity – the two recommended ways of sorting them by. Popularity tells you how popular it is to the general public (duh) and gravity tells you how many affiliates are making money promoting the product. The higher the gravity, the more affiliates are promoting the product and making money. In many cases, the most popular and highest gravity products will be the same. Obviously if more affiliate are promoting a given product, then it’s likely it will also be the most popular!

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Buying Websites: How To Buy Low and Sell High

The most important aspect of buying websites for cheap and flipping them for a nice profit is building yourself a solid understanding of the business. If you don’t know anything about about website flipping then you should strongly consider investing in an ebook that explains the business in more detail. But the basics of flipping websites come down to these principles: knowing what websites to buy and where to buy them on the cheap, and then knowing how to sell them and where to sell them.

If you don’t master these principles then you’ll have a hard time buying and selling websites with success. Let’s take a look at each one…

Knowing What Websites To Buy

The professional flippers will tell you that the best way to break into this business is to take it slow. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Set realistic goals and don’t invest a lot of money on websites when you first get started. For example, set a goal to make $100 profit per week. That may sound ridiculously low but it’s a small enough goal that most people should be able to meet. They key is to buy websites on the cheap that have potential, then adding value to them, and then selling them in the right marketplaces for a profit.

When you’re first getting started you should look to buy websites for less than $200. To find websites at this price that have profit flipping potential, you need to know what marketplaces to buy from and that’s covered in the next section. What you’ll be searching for on those marketplaces are “established websites” or “websites with revenue.” Try to avoid those websites for sale that are labeled as “turnkey websites.” These are basically website templates with pages of content that isn’t always the highest quality. By searching for established websites or websites with revenue (no matter how little), you’ll be getting a more valuable website that will be easier to flip for a profit.

Where To Buy Websites on the Cheap

Right now there are only a handful of marketplaces where you can sell and buy websites. There are really only four that are worth focusing on regardless of your experience. They are Flippa, Warriors Forum, DigitalPoint, and eBay. These are the most popular marketplaces right now but they are all very different.

This is the grand daddy of all marketplaces for selling and buying websites. This is likely the market you’ll do most of your website flipping as it has the most buyers and sellers of websites. There are hundreds of websites listed for sale everyday.

Warriors Forum
The Warriors Forum is the most popular forum dedicated to Internet Marketers. There are literally thousands of members and the forum is incredibly active. Every Internet Marketer should be a member of the Warriors Forum! Not to long ago they started a section within their forum where people can buy and sell websites. While it’s a very popular section of the forum, there are usually less than 12 websites for sale listed everyday. This is a great marketplace to buy established websites on the cheap. You don’t find too many expensive websites for sale there so keep that in mind when it’s time to sell;)

This is another popular forum dedicated to all types of professionals who work online. There are Internet Marketers, designers, developers, and writers who frequent this forum. The section of the forum dedicated to buying websites and selling them has been around for a long time and is probably the second most popular marketplace behind Flippa. Unfortunately for sellers, not too many high-valued, expensive sites are sold there. The good news is it can be a great place for a buyer to find some great deals. The forum is loaded with start up sites and cheap established websites.

This used to be a decent marketplace for flippers but not so much anymore. Instead, you’ll find hundreds of “useless” turnkey websites for sale. These sites are basically templates so there is very little value in them and require a lot of work and effort to get them to a point where you can sell them. There is the occasional gem for sale that you can buy cheap and fix up so it’s still worth checking on a regular basis.

Knowing How To Sell Websites

There are entire ebooks written on this one aspect of website flipping so I won’t go into great details here. You can read my sell websites article where I highlight some of the basics. In addition to the tips in that article, you’ll also want to keep your website’s overall presentation in mind. Your buyers will be looking at the layout, design, and content of the site first and foremost. A few simple tweaks and improvements to your website’s overall appearance can go a long way in maximizing your sales price and your profits!

Where To Sell Websites

The place you’ll be concentrating your sales efforts is Flippa. It is the largest, most popular, and most active marketplace today for website flippers. Aside from selling your websites privately, this will be the main place you’ll be selling as it will generate the most profits for you.

The Buy Low and Sell High Process In a Nutshell

The idea is you buy a cheap, established website from one of the four marketplaces listed. You’re looking to spend less than $200. You then add value to the website by improving the website’s presentation, increasing traffic or revenues (or creating revenues if it’s not already doing so), and a host of other possibilities that are beyond the scope of this article. Then when it’s time to sell you list it on Flippa for a profit.

Buying websites on the cheap is the easiest part of the process. It’s the adding value part that can be the most challenging. However, if you stick with it and get a system down pat, that can become easy too.

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Selling Websites: 5 Tips for Maximum Profit

Note: If you’re considering selling your site, please click here to fill out our “sell your website” form.

When it comes to the business of selling websites you should take every opportunity you can to increase your profits. One thing you can do is work on your listing presentation. While a great listing might not make your site more valuable, it can increase your listing’s visibility and perceived value and as a result end in a quick and more profitable sale. Here are a five things you can do to make your listings stand out from the rest so that they attract more buyers and more money to your bottom line!

1. Start Your Auctions at $1 with No Reserve

If you have a site with good traffic and decent revenue – or anything that make your website valuable (i.e. a large email list) – you will make more money with a $1 no reserve auction. The reasoning is simple. When a website is listed so low you lower the barriers of entry to bidding. Even though a buyer knows they won’t get the site for a $1, they’ll bid anyway because they’ll think they can get the site for a steal of a deal. And once you get a bunch of buyers bidding, eventually a few will get into a bidding war and you’ll watch the price for your site increase before your eyes.

2. Keep Your Auctions Under 7 Days

If you’ve ever bought websites before, you know how frustrating it is when you find a site that you like but the auction doesn’t end for 15 or 30 days. It drives you crazy, right? And if you’re like me, you skip those auctions and move to something else. Don’t let this happen to your listings. Buyers don’t like to wait around so keep your auctions short – 5 to 7 days is ideal.

3. Write a Compelling Title

The first thing you need to do to build a great site listing is to develop a strong and enticing title for your listing. It has to have all the information someone needs to figure out if it is a listing they should be interested in. However, it should also be attractive enough to set your listing apart from other competing listings.

4. Highlight What Makes Your Site Valuable

Once you draw in a prospective buyer with an attractive title, it’s time to show them why your site has value. This is where you cut through all the fluff and tell them exactly what makes your site valuable. There is no reason to try to be showy in the body since the buyer is already interested. Now, you load them up on the facts that make your site most appealing. Does it make consistent income from month-to-month? Does it rank well in the search engines? Does it have a large mailing list? Whatever points make your site the most valuable you want to highlight them in the body of your listing.

5. Provide Proof with Screenshots & Video

It’s imperative that you provide proof to backup any claims you make about your website. Whether your site generates thousands of dollars of income or just a few hundred, prospective buyers will demand proof. The best way to do that is with screenshots, or better yet, with videos. Take screenshots of your web analytics and revenue and make them part of your listing. Taking buyers on a video tour of your analytics and revenue is even more convincing. You can take screenshots and make videos quickly and easily with Jing. It’s a free tool so take advantage of it and make sure you use it whenever you are selling websites!

In any competitive market, standing out is crucial. When you’re trying to sell your website you want to take every opportunity to improve your profits. You can accomplish that with these five simple tips when selling websites for maximum profit!

If you’re considering selling your site, please click here to fill out our “sell your website” form.

Website Flipping Market Snapshot: 1-24-10

Taking a look at the Website Flipping Market Snapshot for week ending 1-24-10, you’ll see that two of the top selling websites were job-related. O.K., technically speaking the surveys niche is more of a work-at-home opportunity but it’s a type of job nonetheless. We’ll see if the trend continues but I suspect with the current state of the economy and so many people looking for work, these types of websites will continue to do well.

In the most actives category, two of the top most active auctions were owned by “abisko” (aka CJ Parker) who is highly successful and experienced at flipping websites. You’ll want to read my quick review of his auctions below as I see he’s using a new strategy with his auctions. This guy is good!


www.ViralTrafficDominator.com – 82 Bids

Eighty-two bids is crazy activity! So how does “abisko” do it? I’ll give you a few hints: he sells high-quality sites and he starts his auctions at $1 with no reserve. He also does a great job of highlighting what makes his sites so valuable and he backs up everything he says with plenty of screenshots and even videos. This specific site sold for $9,900 and based on the sites’ net profits of over $2,600/month, I think the buyer got a great deal. See auction here.

www.HomeBizOppNewsletter.com – 48 Bids

Here’s another auction that demonstrates the power of the $1 starting bid with no reserve. It got 48 bids last week and eventually sold for $1,500. This seller did one thing very wrong in my opinion, and that is he didn’t provide any screenshots or videos as proof that what he was offering was real. Based on his comments he was more than happy to send them to prospective buyers but he did his buyers a major disservice by not having them there by default. If you already have the screenshots ready to go, why wouldn’t you just put them in the auction? See auction here.

www.CreditScoreMagic.com – 35 Bids

“Abisko” is at it again! He breaks the top three of most actives for last week with another auction. This one “only” had 35 bids. I already told you how this guy does it but take a closer look at this auction. Do you see anything interesting? He’s strategically leaving a comment in his auction with a blatant advertisement and link to join his private buyers list. This is brilliant and it’s the first time I’ve seen this done. If you are a regular site flipper, you’d be crazy NOT to build your own buyer’s list and CJ is showing you exactly how to do it. See auction here.


www.AllStarJobs.com – $35,000

The top seller last week was an eight-year old job board site that sold for $35,000. The first thing that jumped out at me was that this seller started the auction with a Buy It Now for $35,000. He was basically saying give me $35k or nothing. That’s a very unique (and bold) strategy. You never know what you’re going to get with an all or nothing offer like that. I don’t think I would ever recommend that strategy, however, because you could potentially leave money on the table. Think about it: if I say I’ll sell you something for X dollars and you immediately take it, don’t you wonder if maybe I could have gotten more? Whenever I sell stuff – whether it’s a piece of furniture on Craigslist or a website – I never want the buyer to take my initial offer because then I know I sold it too low! See auction here.

www.SurveysAtHome.org – $15,000

There was quite a disparity from the top seller to the second top seller with this auction ending at $15,000. With net profits of $3,300/month and a mailing list of 11,000, this is another site that was a good deal for the buyer. See auction here.

www.ViralTrafficDominator.com – $9,900

Go figure – the site that was the most active last week is also in the top three of sellers. Surprise. Surprise. Way to go CJ! See auction here.


The overall top-selling niches for last week were health, internet marketing, and investing (specifically Forex). No surprise here as these are your usual evergreen niches that always sell well. Although I am a bit surprised that Forex specifically is still so hot. Every investing site sold last week was a Forex site and there were nine of them!


Warrior Forum
This continues to be a marketplace of mostly turnkey websites or sites that aren’t generating a lot of revenue. “SuiteJ” (aka Jay) has mastered the art of site flipping both on Flippa and the Warrior Forum selling his custom blog packages. The packages he puts together are amazing. He’s also a real professional as I’ve purchased from him in the past. If you want to become a true professional as a short-term flipper, you need to keep your eye on this guy and follow what he does. Here is a link to his latest offering at the Warrior Forum but I suspect by now it’s sold out. You can learn something by studying his latest offer. I’ll give you a couple hints: he builds a high-quality package and then sells it over and over again. Simple and brilliant 😉

Digital Point Forum
The Digital Point forum continues to be a mixed bag of garbage (if I can be honest) and some decent deals. Glancing over the listings from last week, most of the sold websites were between $25 – $200. And is usually the case here, there were a fair share of .net and .info web sites. This marketplace definitely isn’t a seller’s market but buyers may be able to spot a good deal from time-to-time.

Not much activity going on here last week but there was one interesting listing. The owner of FreeVideoBacks.com is asking $550,000 for a site the sells video backgrounds. Check out the listing here. According to the stats, it generates 30,000 visitors per month but doesn’t produce any income – although I wonder if the seller is just claiming no income for privacy. Either way, that’s the most expensive website listed last week in all of the public marketplaces.

This is another low-key marketplace without a lot of activity last week. BigHeartCards.com was a relatively newer listing. It’s a unique greeting card site. You choose an e-card and customize it and then they print it and mail it to your recipient. No income is stated for this website but the owner is asking $25,000 or best offer for it. You can view the listing here.

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