What’s Coming Up for FlipWebsites.com

Things have been a little quiet around FlipWebsites.com lately, but that’s about to change. David and I have been working hard behind the scenes to come up with a new editorial plan for FlipWebsites.com. Here’s the scoop on what’s coming.

  1. Weekly Websites For Sale. The new sell your website section is live. When you have an established website to sell, we want to help. We’ve added a feature to the site that allows you to send us details on sites you’re selling. If we don’t buy them from you then and there, we’ll list it on the FlipWebsites.com blog in our new Weekly Websites For Sale post. This new weekly post will include sites submitted to us through the sell your site page as well as other deals we’ve looked at around the web on sites like Flippa.
  2. Monthly “Website Flipping How To” Post. This monthly post will be geared around quality how to information on topics related specifically to profiting from building or buying and selling websites. We’ll focus on things like how to get more money when you sell, where to buy sites for a bargain, and other principles related to flipping websites.
  3. Monthly “Ways to Make More Money On Your Website” Post. This monthly post will be focused on topics such as increasing traffic and conversions as well as improving monetization on your websites.
  4. Monthly “Interviews and Product Reviews” Post. This monthly post will focus on interviews with people who are successful at flipping websites and reviews of tools and products that make our lives as site flippers easier. If you have a person you’d like to see interviewed or tools you find extremely useful, please contact us or comment below and let us know.
  5. Monthly “Due Diligence and Scams” Post. We hope to educate you as much as we can on ways to prevent getting scammed, especially when it comes to buying sites. We look at a lot of sites and we do a lot of due diligence and we’re constantly seeing new ways sellers hide facts and twist the truth as well as blatantly try to scam you. We want to make the community of website buyers aware of this and that’s what this monthly post is all about.
  6. Monthly “Market Update” Post. We’ll gather together interesting links from around the web and review interesting Flippa sellers, auctions, etc. We hope this post gives you a quick way each month to stay up to date on the latest news, trends, and what’s hot in website flipping.

There’s more in the works that I can’t quite reveal yet so please stay tuned and keep reading!

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Let us know what you think of our road map by commenting below.

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  • This is a great idea you have here.  Looking forward to the “due diligence and scam” posts. 

    • Thanks Judith. We’ll make our next post on that subject just for you. 🙂