Luke Moulton, Marketing Manager for, Steps Down

Luke MoultonFor you experienced website flippers, you are well aware of who Luke Moulton is. For the rest of you, Luke was the Marketing Manager for, the largest and most popular marketplace for flipping websites. He did a good job getting the word out about Flippa during his brief 8-month stint. It seemed his mug and name where all over blogs and forums about website flipping – including this blog. In fact, Luke was gracious enough to do an interview with me back in March of this year.

According to his blog post, he turned in his notice two weeks ago so his tenure with Flippa is officially over. He said the reason he left was because of the 3 hour commute he faced everyday and the fact that he was away from his baby and wife 12-13 hours everyday. I don’t blame him. I couldn’t handle that commute and schedule either as I have two little ones myself.

I think Luke did a good job for Flippa and represented the marketplace well. I’m sure he’ll be missed by the higher-ups at Flippa. It will be interesting to see who fills his shoes – and to see what direction the new Marketing Manager takes the marketing and promotions for Flippa.

Some of you reading this might be wondering why Luke’s departure is worthy of a blog post. For one, Flippa is the largest and most popular marketplace right now and since the company is so small (less than 10 people as of March 2010), any changes in personnel is somewhat of a big deal – particularly this position since it is such a public position. Furthermore, there is part of me that can’t help to wonder if there are other reasons why Luke departed.

As reported by Justin at the blog, Flippa has taken a few lumps lately. First, the startup market (sites with no traffic or revenue) bottomed out, which is the bread and butter of the Flippa marketplace as far as I’m concerned. Then apparently there was a lot of noise from disgruntled users who were complaining of fraud and non-paying bidders. Finally, there was the Flippa hack gaff that occurred last week.

With Luke gone now it makes you wonder what’s going on. Regardless of Luke’s reasons for leaving, it hasn’t been a good week for Flippa.

P.S. I would like to personally thank Luke for being so accessible and helpful during his time with Flippa. I wish him the best of luck with his new endeavors!

  • Thanks guys. Keith – definitely a buyer. I hoard my sites and domains!

  • Second that Clinton – thanks for engaging with the community Luke. Best of luck with your future endeavors – I wonder if you’ll be a buyer or a seller 😉

  • Sad to see him go. He did a great job of marketing Flippa, being their public face and even taking the criticism thrown at him (especially from our forums).

    All the best, Luke.

    • Travis

      That was the thing I admired most about Luke – that you could throw him criticism and he didn’t take it personally or shy away from it. For that reason he was perfect for the position. Hopefully the next guy or gal will be as thick-skinned as well.