FlipWebsites Gets Even Better

You may have noticed that I’ve been churning out fewer articles here at FlipWebsites.com in the past few months, and it’s with good reason.  I’ve been crazy busy.

CTR Theme, which I’ve discussed here briefly, has been wildly successful.  In April, it pulled down $35,000 in gross sales with a solid profit margin.  May hasn’t seen much of a letdown either.  The reviews have been great, but so have the user suggestions for new features — and that means a good chunk of time devoted to beefing up the product, trying to create rabid fans.  I’ve regularly been adding new features, and I’m about to push out a new release today.

Since CTR Theme didn’t sell at auction, I’m sure that it will keep me busy, as I’m planning to start a big marketing push for the theme.  And that’s not all I’m up to…

I’ve also been working on a few other from-scratch projects that I hope to launch in the next couple of months, plus I’ve been continuing to build up my AdSense sites.  I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think one of the new projects could be even bigger than CTR Theme…

Knowing that all my effort has been devoted elsewhere has left me feeling a bit guilty about the flow of information here — I feel an obligation to provide value to the loyal readers of FlipWebsites.  That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to Chris Yates and David Gass.  Chris and David purchased FlipWebsites.com from me in a private transaction and will be running the show here going forward.  The best part about the transaction, from my point of view, is that they’ve left an open door for me to post here when I have something interesting to share, so I won’t be a total stranger.

About the New Owners

Chris and David are the real deal — expert website flippers and experienced online businessmen, and they run a number of well-regarded online properties related to website flipping, including Buying and Selling Websites, Flipping Network, Killer Flipping Secrets, and a Flipping Mastermind Coaching Group.  I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with the quality and quantity of content they and their team will be able to provide to you guys going forward.

Click here for more information about Chris and David…

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  • That is great on how much you got during April and that May seems just as good. One huge thing I really like and have blogged about myself is when a website owner sells their site. It is great to see that you will not be a stranger to the site and not totally fade away. Oh…. and welcome to the new owners!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’m very happy about how this has worked out with Chris and David.  Readers benefit from their wealth of experience, I got paid (which I always love), and I still get to be part of the community and contribute if I have something interesting to share.  I still love website flipping and think it’s a great, stable way to earn a living online so I’ll still be a very loyal member of this community.

      • I will miss your posts, hopefully the new owners will continue to give valuable input related to website flipping and not focus only on the profit to be gained.

        • We’ll do our best to focus on adding as much value as possible. We know if we focus on that, profit will come as a by-product.

    • Thanks for welcoming us!

  • Dude

    How much rev a month are you doing in adsense, eppie? $xx,xxx ??

    • Anonymous

      My AdSense revenue is still $x,xxx — once CTR Theme started selling more copies, I kind of ignored my AdSense sites.  I have a bunch more I’ve been planning to build, just need to get around to it.

  • Itu M

    I hope that the support system will be as good as it previously was. And the content. Since these guys are 6 figure flippers I am sure well get hit with high ticket products which is OK if they are valuable enough. 

    I just hope that the content stays consistent. 

    Will see if it was a good move. To the new owners, welcome and lets see what you have to offer!

    • Chris Yates

      We’ll do our best to bring the same or better value to the blog. Keep giving us feedback so we know how we’re doing.

  • You know what would be great? If you responded to your clickbank emails you have been ignoring for more than a week and my requested refund. 

    • Anonymous


      I switched over to a new support system, and it looks as if your initial ticket didn’t transfer over to the new system (support is now at http://support.ctrtheme.com). After the initial ticket, I see you didn’t use the support system for follow up but emailed me directly.  I get a lot of emails from people asking for advice, presale questions, etc, so it’s an unfortunate reality that some messages occasionally get lost in the shuffle.  That’s the reason I use a support ticket system and try to encourage everyone to use it — it makes it MUCH easier to track things.

      I’ve sent a response to you directly.  Hope you forgive me for the oversight.