Flip Websites Forum Relaunched

Last week, I published a guest post from Michael about starting a forum, and in the comments, I promised some follow-up.  On Sunday, when the weekly newsletter went out, I soft-launched the new version of the Flip Websites forum, and today I’m officially announcing its presence.

You may have already stumbled across it from a search engine, its new menu link, or the sidebar “from the forum” links.  I’m pretty excited about it, and it’s already picked up some high quality posts.

My hope is that the forum becomes a place where we can learn from each other’s experiences, becoming better buyers, sellers, and developers in the process.  I also will be looking to the forums to help guide the direction of this site — what to cover in greater depth, what not to bother with, etc.  Plus, I’ll do a live case study highlighting what I’m doing to try to achieve success with this endeavor.

Giving Stuff Away

To celebrate the new forum (and encourage its use), I’m going to be giving some goodies away.  We already have over 100 members registered, but not everyone is active posting — the first 100 people to post a message on the board will be eligible to win:

  • 5 domains (all .com) that are perfect for the Local Flip Formula approach.
  • 5 advance copies of the “Blog Flipping Masters” e-book Travis produced before selling the site (should be publicly available by mid-September)
  • A year-long subscription to a top-secret flip alert system that I’m building (guess it’s not so top-secret anymore…)

I’m also going to give out an MVP (most valuable poster) award each month.  The gifts are still to be determined, but rest assured, they’ll help you make money online.

I really appreciate the warm welcome that’s been extended by this community since I took over the site — you guys have offered great insight in your comments on articles, and in the emails you send me directly.  I’m looking forward to communicating more in the forum.

  • Brentt

    I am a web designer/developer who was looking for information about how to really profit from my work and Eppie Vojt’s email newsletter has really expanded my understanding of how to make money, real money, from web sites. Thanks Eppie.

  • Great news. I am going to check it right now.

  • Eppie, if you don’t mind sharing…what forum software/plug-in are you using? The layout is simple and clean…

    • Muzi,

      I’m using bbPress. It has fewer features than vBulletin, but it’s free, easy to template, and plays nice with WordPress. It was super-easy to integrate and provides all the functionality I need.

      The biggest factor for me was the ease of implementation and ability to fit within my existing template. Glad you like it!