The Five Websites I Learn the Most From

I love learning, and that’s why I love the sites below.  These are the websites where I always find great value — the sites that have helped me to develop a sharper business mind and learn stuff that actually helped me make more money online.  I love them and I know you will too. (Michael Dunlop)

I’ve learned an insane amount by being an Income Diary reader and subscribing to Michael’s email list.  In fact, I’ve tried to model my own email practices after his (and another guy on this list) — providing LOTS of value in the messages that get sent out.  Michael’s site provides tons of value too, as he shares his own experiences as a six-figure online marketer and also interviews a bunch of other successful people.

I love seeing the stories of other people who are achieving success in their specific niche, learning what strategies and tactics they are employing to grow their businesses.

Here are a few of the posts I’ve really enjoyed from Income Diary:

Flip Filter’s Blog

To say that Justin from Flip Filter is a smart guy would be a crazy understatement.  He sees the story behind statistics and turns data into actionable advice that helps people make money with their website flips.  His product (Flip Filter) is an amazing resource, but so is his free blog, which should be considered mandatory reading for anyone interested in buying and selling websites.

Get a taste of his brilliance by reading these great posts (honestly, I could have linked to anything he’s written):

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

If the income’s passive, Pat’s probably got his hand in it (or is figuring out how to)… and he’s not shy about sharing.  Pat’s blog has a real strong “learn with me” vibe, as he endeavors to make money online.  He’s already won big with his own product, iPhone app development, and a niche site monetized with AdSense.

Pat releases monthly income reports that detail exactly where his earnings come from, and it’s definitely eye opening to see the explosive growth he’s experienced.  If you’re new to Smart Passive Income, I highly recommend starting out with Pat’s niche site duel series.

Pat also publishes an excellent podcast — my preferred form of entertainment while driving to and from Philadelphia for my monthly SEO meetups.

This one’s a newcomer that I’m sure you haven’t heard of, and I’ve learned more from the guy behind this blog in person than online, but his newly-launched site already has some great articles for people looking to start making money online.  Keyword research, affiliate marketing, SEO — this dude’s a pro at them all and I know the content he provides in the future is all going to be first rate.

There’s no fluff here, either.  If a new post gets added, you know it will be worth reading. Here are a few excellent posts to start with:

There’s no better-run forum on the planet.  E-P has some of the smartest people you’ll run into with an interest in online business and they are VERY generous with their knowledge and expertise.  Other forums are more active, but none have a better signal to noise ratio.  Every time I go there, I get smarter.  You will too.  Check it out.

Bonus: Flippa

No, not their blog — the actual website sales marketplace.  There’s so much insight you can gain about monetization methods, traffic building techniques, niche selection, copywriting, and more just by looking at the information provided in their listings.  People open up the records to their online businesses in an effort to sell them, and all that information just sits there, waiting for us to learn from it.

If you’re serious about doing business online and you’re not poking around in Flippa’s archive, you’re missing out.

  • Eppie,

    These are some great resources.  I particularly like FlipFilter (REALLY interesting data) and Michael’s Income Diary.

    I was hoping I could add two as well:

    Derek Sivers at – This was the guy who started CD Baby and has given a few TED talks.  Really interesting guy.  He mixes music, marketing, and entrepreneurship, but in such a way that it’s extremely interesting.

    Paul Graham – Writes about start-ups, investments, VC money, etc.  Has a really interesting of collections that I’ve dug through quite a bit.

    You should definitely check those out, Eppie.  I follow your blog and like what you have to say…I think you’d like them as well.

  •  These

  • Justin

    Awesome post…this helps clear a path through the clutter. I’ve been reading through your site for a few weeks now and you’ve got some great tips and ideas here. Thanks so much!

  • I would like to know some stuff about Flippa… some people says that it is a paradise to scammers!
    Could you give me some opinion?
    Best regards

  • Thanks for the mention, eppie, much appreciated.


  • Gareth


    I’ve requested a refund on the CTR Theme through your contact form, but I can’t seem to get a hold of you?


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  • Hey Eppie,

    Thanks for the shout!

    (Sorry I’m a little late to the party but my feed reader hadn’t been picking up your feeds for some reason)

  • Thanks for the mention Eppie, glad you enjoy what I do.

  • I certainly can relate to what you mean about Flippa! Every time I think I’m going to make a quick visit I end up glued to it for an hour! So much to learn there!
    Glad I found your post. It’s great to find other marketers who are into site flipping. Come visit my site – I bought it at Flippa!

  • No live links to any of the root domains? I had to google the names to find them 😉

  • This list is an awesome resource for those interested in selling websites. I got one tip from Flip Filter’s blog that has changed my entire outlook when it comes to earning income through flipping web real-estate. And yes, I read all the time for great tips and strategies.

    Good Success!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Vondre. Justin from Flip Filter is a really impressive dude. There’s lots of great info on his blog. Highly recommend Flip Filter as a flipping tool, also.

  • Hi Eppie,

    Thanks for the list. It’s almost complete with just one site missing – It’s a really cool website that I like called ‘’ 🙂

    I appreciate all your valuable insight here and while I’m usually too busy to make enough time to keep current on a lot of things I try really hard to make time to visit here as much as I can.

    Great info – keep up the good work!

    Randall Kowalenko

    • Haha. Thanks a lot, Randall. I appreciate the vote of confidence and I promise I’ll keep trying to give you good content.