Are these really the best ways to validate Google Places listings?

@EliFromBrooklyn made an astute observation about the comical disparity between the two Google Places validation methods (phone call vs. postcard).  Thankfully, I’m part of the Google beta test group for adding additional methods to the Google Places validation process.  Here’s a sneak peak at what they’re rolling out in 2011:

Just a little hint of humor on a Friday.  Have a great weekend, and happy flipping!

  • Employing the use of Google Places is very much recommended for start-ups and small businesses. Even those companies who don’t have websites yet can register and get free online exposure. Google Places only needs to verify your business details through a validation process which would enable your business listing to go live online.

  • Definitely!; google places listing are beneficial for company and are an essential component on the company’s web exposure.

  • Lucas

    Oh the pain of verifying Google places listings…PS You forgot one, messenger pigeon…:)