Website Flipping Market Snapshot Week Ending 12/8/2011

The last few weeks have been a little hectic for me. I’ve been enjoying a little time with my newborn son Ryder and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. For those of you who were waiting for an update on my new son, here it is. Ryder was born 11.11.11 at 7:59 a.m. He was a healthy 7 lbs 13 oz and measured in at 19.25 inches. Luckily he seems to be a mellow baby. I’m told this is often the case with your second child.

One thing I thought I should share with the website flipping community is that I purchased a domain for my son which is My business partner David has done the same thing for his kids. It will be exciting to see what he becomes in his professional life and I have a feeling he’ll be happy I had the foresight to protect his personal brand in case he ever needs it. By the time he’s ready to use it, the domain will already be 18 years old.

I have no idea if a .com domain will still be as important in the year 2030, but as of now, the age of a domain can be important when it comes to search engine optimization. If fact, I have been shopping around for an aged domain to complete a search engine friendly domain change. Most of the parked domains that are from the year 2006 and older in this particular market are priced over $5000. In fact, one of the sellers was asking $50,000 for a domain. When you are buying or selling websites, don’t forget to consider the value of the age of that domain!

Now, on to the website flipping market news for this week.

Market Overview

This week 625 websites sold. The highest priced website sold for $47,000. Approximately 12 sites sold in excess of $10,000.

We’ve noticed a jump this week in the average revenue multiple up to over 11 times. We’ve been noticing more quality sites popping up in the last few weeks. Could it be due to people needing some holiday money?

New Reader’s Sites for Sale

We’ve added a new section to our site called Established Websites for Sale. This is a free service for anyone who submits their sites through our Sell Your Website page. All the sites listed there are from our community of readers. If you see something you like, let us know and we’ll connect you with the seller. We’ll be keeping it up to date each week as sites come in.

Notable Sellers

Most Active Seller
Seller: Sun Shine
Total Revenue: $3,540
Sites Sold: 17
Avg. Sales Price: $274
Notes: We’re consistently seeing him on the top of this list. This seller primarily uses a “template” style format where he or she sells aged blogs with only 7 days of revenue and calculates the monthy revenue from the 7 days.

High Activity & High Avg. Sales Price Seller
Sun Shine and SmartBusiness have gained this title once again this week.

Notable Website Sales

Highest Priced
Price: $47,000
Bids: 28
Seller: reallifeproperties
Notes: This site was claiming over 350,000 uniques/month. It’s in a bit of a regulated market so I think the price on this one was fair for a buyer who is willing to take that risk. I just checked the site and it’s currently showing 403 forbidden for me so I hope the buyer knows what they are doing! It just goes to show that you need to be careful during the ownership change.

Most Active
Price: $2,350
Bids: 88
Seller: Financial Freedom
Notes: This site was essentially a business-in-a-box by providing an outsourced facebook fan service. The auction copy is pretty salesy and focuses on the business opportunity.

Our Watchlist

These are the sites that we were close to bidding on or buying but didn’t. At the time of posting this, they were still actively for sale.