Website Flipping Market Snapshot: 4-18-10

The data for the Most Actives, Top Sellers, Top Selling Niches, and Most Active Site Flippers is based on the market activity at As the largest and most popular marketplace for site flippers right now, the market activity there provides valuable insight on what people are buying and selling.

SOLD: $21,000

Established: November 2003
Unique Visitors/Month: 4,247
Net Profit/Month: $948
Description: Sells an ebook that describes how to start a “pet treats” bakery business.

Comments: Within a day of this listing going live, I knew it was going to be a popular auction. I actually predicted it would easily surpass $10,000. Boy was I wrong – by $11,000! Chris (aka “abisko” on Flippa) is a master at generating massive bids (and money) for his auctions. His auctions are regularly found in the Most Actives and the Top Sellers. This website may have done just as well without him though as it was a solid asset. This was a well-established ClickBank business that had been a consistent money earner. See auction here. – 55 Bids
SOLD: $31,500

Established: April 2008
Unique Visitors/Month: 107,518
Net Profit/Month: $800
Description: Offers free piano tutorial videos with 7,000 videos on the site.

Comments: This was another auction I knew would be popular the minute it went live. Video is hot and will continue to be for years to come. What’s interesting to note here is that this was a website monetized purely by AdSense. If you’ve been following my Most Actives and Top Sellers lists lately, you’ll notice that AdSense sites have been doing incredibly well. This AdSense site was “only” making $800/month and yet it generated 55 bids and $31,500 for the seller! If you’re looking for a way to build AdSense websites that make money (while you own them and when you sell them), study this listing and the website. See auction here. – 54 Bids
SOLD: $1,005

Established: January 2006
Unique Visitors/Month: 1,051
Net Profit/Month: $17
Description: Sells public domain ebooks on ballet dancing.

Comments: This auction was a perfect example of how valuable aged websites are with decent domains. This site was getting just over 1,000 unique visitors per month and made virtually no money and it still generated 54 bids and sold for $1,000. The reason for this was primarily the domain name. It was a decent two-word domain that was over four years old. I say “decent” because it was an .org and not a .com – of course if it was a .com it would have sold for much more than that! See auction here.

TOP SELLERS – $125,000

Established: June 2006
Unique Visitors/Month: 2,600,000
Net Profit/Month: $17,533
Description: Flash game arcade site with around 600 games and 2-3 being added daily.

Comments: Who says you can’t make a comfortable living with just one website that generates all of its revenue from just ads alone? I’m always amazed at websites like this. This gem was making over $17,500 net monthly profit – all from ads across 5 ad networks! Of course to make that kind of money from ads you need lots of eyeballs and this website had plenty of it – over 2,600,000 per month! See auction here. – $50,900
BIDS: 11

Established: July 2008
Unique Visitors/Month: 308,302
Net Profit/Month: $3,342
Description: Blog on web and graphic design.

Comments: Last week sold for $50,000. This week another website with an “odd ball” domain extension sells for almost the same amount – $50,900. And I was always told you could only make real money on .com domains. I think these recent sales prove otherwise. I’m still not a proponent of any domains other than .coms but then again I’m a traditionalist and tend to be stuck in my ways:) Regardless, this .ag website was getting over 308,000 unique monthly visitors and generated a cool $3,300 net monthly profit – all from ad sales. If you create quality, unique content and put in the marketing effort, domain extensions sometimes just don’t matter as much. See auction here. – $31,500
BIDS: 55

Established: April 2008
Unique Visitors/Month: 107,518
Net Profit/Month: $800
Description: Offers free piano tutorial videos, with 7,000 videos on the site.

Comments: It’s no surprise that one of the most active auctions would also be one of the top sellers. Hmmm, three sites in the Top Sellers category this week all generated their income from ad sales. Are you spotting the trend here? See auction here.


Health – (Fitness)
Internet Marketing – (Twitter)


These are folks that are obviously selling on a regular basis. And if they’re doing this on a regular basis, then they must be doing well or they wouldn’t bother. You should check out their profiles and see what they’re doing. As a buyer you may find a site that interests you and as a seller, you can see what type of site flipping business they operate to give you some ideas;)

*You can view the profiles for these sellers by clicking on their names but you need to be logged into your Flippa account to view them.

atlantis – had 6 sites for sale

htmlserver – had 6 sites for sale

Dejan – had 5 sites for sale


This metric provides a lot of insight on the website flipping market. These are the types of websites that buyers are watching. In other words, these are the types of websites that buyers are interested in buying today. As a potential seller, this is great information because if your website falls into any of these categories, be sure to tag them as such when you list them. And if you’re a short-term flipper, these are the types of websites you should be building for sale.

WordPress: 37 buyers watching

Ecommerce: 36 buyers watching

Autoblog: 31 buyers watching

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