Website Flipping Market Snapshot: 1-24-10

Taking a look at the Website Flipping Market Snapshot for week ending 1-24-10, you’ll see that two of the top selling websites were job-related. O.K., technically speaking the surveys niche is more of a work-at-home opportunity but it’s a type of job nonetheless. We’ll see if the trend continues but I suspect with the current state of the economy and so many people looking for work, these types of websites will continue to do well.

In the most actives category, two of the top most active auctions were owned by “abisko” (aka CJ Parker) who is highly successful and experienced at flipping websites. You’ll want to read my quick review of his auctions below as I see he’s using a new strategy with his auctions. This guy is good!


Eighty-two bids is crazy activity! So how does “abisko” do it? I’ll give you a few hints: he sells high-quality sites and he starts his auctions at $1 with no reserve. He also does a great job of highlighting what makes his sites so valuable and he backs up everything he says with plenty of screenshots and even videos. This specific site sold for $9,900 and based on the sites’ net profits of over $2,600/month, I think the buyer got a great deal. See auction here. – 48 Bids

Here’s another auction that demonstrates the power of the $1 starting bid with no reserve. It got 48 bids last week and eventually sold for $1,500. This seller did one thing very wrong in my opinion, and that is he didn’t provide any screenshots or videos as proof that what he was offering was real. Based on his comments he was more than happy to send them to prospective buyers but he did his buyers a major disservice by not having them there by default. If you already have the screenshots ready to go, why wouldn’t you just put them in the auction? See auction here. – 35 Bids

“Abisko” is at it again! He breaks the top three of most actives for last week with another auction. This one “only” had 35 bids. I already told you how this guy does it but take a closer look at this auction. Do you see anything interesting? He’s strategically leaving a comment in his auction with a blatant advertisement and link to join his private buyers list. This is brilliant and it’s the first time I’ve seen this done. If you are a regular site flipper, you’d be crazy NOT to build your own buyer’s list and CJ is showing you exactly how to do it. See auction here.

TOP SELLERS – $35,000

The top seller last week was an eight-year old job board site that sold for $35,000. The first thing that jumped out at me was that this seller started the auction with a Buy It Now for $35,000. He was basically saying give me $35k or nothing. That’s a very unique (and bold) strategy. You never know what you’re going to get with an all or nothing offer like that. I don’t think I would ever recommend that strategy, however, because you could potentially leave money on the table. Think about it: if I say I’ll sell you something for X dollars and you immediately take it, don’t you wonder if maybe I could have gotten more? Whenever I sell stuff – whether it’s a piece of furniture on Craigslist or a website – I never want the buyer to take my initial offer because then I know I sold it too low! See auction here. – $15,000

There was quite a disparity from the top seller to the second top seller with this auction ending at $15,000. With net profits of $3,300/month and a mailing list of 11,000, this is another site that was a good deal for the buyer. See auction here. – $9,900

Go figure – the site that was the most active last week is also in the top three of sellers. Surprise. Surprise. Way to go CJ! See auction here.


The overall top-selling niches for last week were health, internet marketing, and investing (specifically Forex). No surprise here as these are your usual evergreen niches that always sell well. Although I am a bit surprised that Forex specifically is still so hot. Every investing site sold last week was a Forex site and there were nine of them!


Warrior Forum
This continues to be a marketplace of mostly turnkey websites or sites that aren’t generating a lot of revenue. “SuiteJ” (aka Jay) has mastered the art of site flipping both on Flippa and the Warrior Forum selling his custom blog packages. The packages he puts together are amazing. He’s also a real professional as I’ve purchased from him in the past. If you want to become a true professional as a short-term flipper, you need to keep your eye on this guy and follow what he does. Here is a link to his latest offering at the Warrior Forum but I suspect by now it’s sold out. You can learn something by studying his latest offer. I’ll give you a couple hints: he builds a high-quality package and then sells it over and over again. Simple and brilliant 😉

Digital Point Forum
The Digital Point forum continues to be a mixed bag of garbage (if I can be honest) and some decent deals. Glancing over the listings from last week, most of the sold websites were between $25 – $200. And is usually the case here, there were a fair share of .net and .info web sites. This marketplace definitely isn’t a seller’s market but buyers may be able to spot a good deal from time-to-time.
Not much activity going on here last week but there was one interesting listing. The owner of is asking $550,000 for a site the sells video backgrounds. Check out the listing here. According to the stats, it generates 30,000 visitors per month but doesn’t produce any income – although I wonder if the seller is just claiming no income for privacy. Either way, that’s the most expensive website listed last week in all of the public marketplaces.
This is another low-key marketplace without a lot of activity last week. was a relatively newer listing. It’s a unique greeting card site. You choose an e-card and customize it and then they print it and mail it to your recipient. No income is stated for this website but the owner is asking $25,000 or best offer for it. You can view the listing here.

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