Latest Website Flipping News for Oct 2011

Flippa Trends in October 2011

It wasn’t a bad month for Flippa. They facilitated over $3,000,000 of website buying and selling on their marketplace. Sales prices averaged approximately 7 times monthly income for sites selling in October.

Interesting fact: In October, two sites with over 100 backlinks in Google and no revenue sold at $405 and $750. It will be interesting to see if Flippa’s new backlink search feature will affect prices for these types of sites. – A Quick Site Flip Goldmine We Missed in October

The site sold for $34,000 and had no monetization. Let’s assume you were to increase the revenue per unique visit to a meager $0.10. That would put your monthly income at $5284.20/month. You could likely get that by adding some relevant advertising to the site starting a few days after you took the site over. Give it a few months at $5,000/month average net profit and you could likely flip the site for $60,000. This would give you a $41,000 profit on the site in 3 months. You have to love the power of the quick flip of undervalued sites!

Site Flipping Market Headlines for October 2011

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