11/11/11 Big News!

Hi All,

Unfortunately I won’t be doing our usual website flipping update this week. Why, you ask? Well, tomorrow is 11/11/11 and my wife Melissa and I will be bringing a new life into this world. That’s right, my son will be born tomorrow!

I need to put all my focus in preparing for the big day so I’m skipping this week’s site flipping market update. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll be back next week (probably half-asleep from late nights with the new baby) with an update on the baby and on the buying and selling website market.

If you’d like to wish us luck or have any advice on the transition from 1 to 2 kids in a family, please comment below.

– Chris


    all the very best to u and ofcourse congratulations..:)

  • Many congrats, Chris

  • Congratulations to you & your wife! Good luck, I hope all goes well. God be with you & yours 🙂
    The baby will be one of the,soon to be famous, 11/11/11 babies. think about it, we only have 12/12/12 left!!!

    • Thank you! There was a baby born in our hospital at 11:11 a.m. that day!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats!  What an awesome day to have a kiddo.  I have four kids and the hardest part is when you have multiple kids in diapers.  If the eldest is out of diapers then life will be much easier.  Best advice I can give is be sure to include the eldest in everything. 

    • Thanks for the advice. My eldest has been doing great with the new baby so far.