How To Make Money With AdSense: The AdSense Report Review

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How To Make Money With AdSense: The AdSense Report Overview

how to make money with AdSenseFirst about the author – Cary Bergeron…

Cary Bergeron is a highly successful Internet Marketer who specializes in building content-rich, high-earning AdSense sites. He has been so successful that just one of his AdSense sites brings in $150,000 per year alone. In addition, he sold two AdSense sites on Flippa this year for $110,000.

Now about the report itself…

This review is for version 1 of The AdSense Report. Version 2 is expected out sometime later this year. The good news is, any buyer of version 1 will get a copy of version 2 for free when it is released. In this version, Cary shows you step-by-step how he builds and markets his AdSense sites.

What Do You Get With The AdSense Report?

Given the simplicity of his system, The AdSense Report is shorter than most ebooks as it is just 20 pages long. The first half of the report outlines the 10 things you must do to make money with AdSense sites. For example, one of the 10 things you must do is create links on auto pilot. Cary explains what this means and shows you exactly how to do it. He does this for all 10 things. He explains what each one of them is and how to do them.

The second half of The AdSense Report discusses…

  • Tips for getting high quality links daily
  • Cary’s “Ninja” SEO tips
  • Tips for getting repeat visitors
  • Website design for 20%+ CTR
  • Tools and websites Cary uses daily
  • Worksheet to follow and track your progress

It’s important to note that the current version emphasizes HTML AdSense site – NOT WordPress blogs. Version 2 will cover how to make money with AdSense sites using WordPress as a platform and will also cover more basic information for beginner marketers.

Who Is The AdSense Report Best For?

  • Intermediate to Advanced Internet Marketers (it is not ideal for beginners)
  • Internet marketers that specialize in SEO

The reason this version is not ideal for beginners is because the most basic steps of building and marketing websites are not covered. Things such as how to ftp, how to setup hosting, how to register a domain, etc. are assumed to be understood and are not covered at all in this version. Cary says version 2 will be expanded to include the basics for beginners.

How Much Money Do You Need To Get Started?

  • $8 for each domain you register
  • $10-$25/month for a shared or reseller hosting account
  • Up to $150 or more if you outsource most of the steps in the system

Total Required: $18 – $150 depending on how much work you do yourself

The important point is that The AdSense Report doesn’t require you to buy any memberships to sites, tools, software, etc. to make money with AdSense.

How Long Will It Take To Make Money With The AdSense Report?

According to Cary, within three months IF you follow the steps in the report. And if you choose the right niche and follow the system exactly as outlined, Cary says you can be making very good money within 6-12 months.

My Recommendation

When I first bought The AdSense Report I was turned off by how short it was given the $97 I spent on it. In fact, I was tempted to request a refund after I bought it. But, I changed my mind. Why?

While the report may be short compared to other ebooks that claim to show you how to make money with AdSense, all the essential steps required to build and market AdSense sites successfully are covered. When I went through the report a couple more times, I tried to think of additional things you should do and I couldn’t come up with anything.

That’s the beauty of The AdSense Report – it’s simple yet highly effective. And the system can be applied to any type of content-rich SEO websites such as affiliate websites.

If your goal is to build a handful of QUALITY content-rich AdSense sites that will rank well in the search engines – and not hundreds of crappy mini AdSense sites that will pay only pennies, then I highly recommend The AdSense Report!

Still Not Sure It’s Right For You?

Read my detailed interview with the author of The AdSense Report where I grill him about the book. Chances are, any questions you have I asked:)

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  • Thanks Travis. Apologies for coming across harshly, I’m confident that you didn’t have ill intentions. Would be interesting to get Cary to chime in on this – I have a strong gut feeling that he has not been interviewed by Wire magazine either – there is no such mention on – I think it’s a ruse to add to the story of being featured on the cover.

    • Travis

      @Keith – No worries. As you can see, Cary did chime in and apparently I totally missed the fact that it was a spoof:( Boy do I feel stupid.

      @Cary – You’re killing me:) I actually read your post about this twice and I still didn’t realize it was a spoof. I must have been drinking heavily or something when I read it…lol. Next time you make a post like that please make an obvious disclaimer – like, “This is a spoof. I was never really featured on Wired at all,” so that guys that are slow like me get it:) I like the new name and website. I’ll be keeping an eye open for it.


  • @ Keith – Thanks for your concern but if you noticed the “disclaimer” or small text under the image you will know it was a spoof. Also, multiple people commented and caught onto it as well. I’m sorry you couldn’t figure out the post but I can’t please everyone.

    @ Travis – Sorry for any confusion this has caused you. I’ll be sure to get you one of the first copies of my new Adsense Report in the coming weeks.

    I’ll also mention here for the first time that the new report will no longer be called the “Adsense Report” but instead will be known as the Adsense Recipe and can be found at Affiliates will like the site much more as well.

    As always great site Travis keep up the good work!

  • Cary has never been featured in Wired. The ‘magazine cover’ image is just a fake image. Pretty uncool to be using that ‘fact’ to promote his product. The product may well be excellent and Cary may have some expertise in the field – but lies about his credentials doesn’t help his cause.

    • Travis


      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. More importantly, thanks for bringing this error to my attention. I appreciate it. This review has been up for a while and you’re the first person to point this glaring error out. I don’t know how I missed that but it clearly says on Cary’s blog that he was INTERVIEWED by Wired Magazine and not featured on the cover as I had written. Wow…I’m not sure how I missed that. My bad:(

      I can assure you and my readers I was not trying to promote this “fact” to sell more of his books. It was an honest error. If I was some kind of huckster marketer as you seem to imply in your comment, I would have deleted your comment and left the “fact” in this review. I don’t operate that way. Everything I do online is done openly, honestly, and ethically. I have corrected the error and will be editing the video as well since I reference the “cover” in it too.

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


      P.S. For those of you first being introduced to The AdSense Report – whether Cary was interviewed by Wired Magazine or not has little bearing on the quality of this report. It truly is one of the better “how to” guides on how to make money with Google AdSense. The only reason I even brought up the Wired magazine reference in this review was because I was impressed that a guy who builds and flips AdSense sites would be recognized by a nationally syndicated “main stream” magazine for his success.

      P.S.S. I have an update for version 2 of The AdSense Report. I exchanged emails with Cary a few weeks ago. He is hoping to have version 2 released around the end of October. I saw a sneak peak of the Table of Contents for version 2 and it’s going to be a much larger, more comprehensive report than the first version. It will cover virtually everything from beginning to end of the process so whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, you’ll get something from it. For those of you that might have bought version 1, you’ll be getting a copy of version 2 for free when it releases.