Flipping Domains to Related Domain Owners

Are You a Domainaholic?

Are you sitting on a bunch of domains that you know you’ll never get around to building a site on or marketing properly? If you’re anything like me, I’d bet you are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought up some random, half-baked idea for a website and registered a domain for it only to let it sit for years or expire. Not only that, I’ve also picked up domains from auction, dropped domains, domains bundled with other sites I’ve bought, and exact match domains for Search Engine Optimization purposes. There should be a support group for “domainaholics” like me. Wait, I just checked and domainaholic.com is available for sale. I better go buy it!

The point here is that you’re probably sitting on a few decent domains that you could flip to other people who could actually do something with them. In fact, a few spammers have given me the solution to how to flip domains.

Here’s How to Flip Your Domains

Here are a couple emails I’ve received from people trying to sell me their domains. Names and urls have been removed to protect the innocent.

I would like to know if you would have an interest in purchasing this domain name (I found your contact information online and see that you own [domain name] correct?).

[domain name] can provide a SEO boost in this market, which includes leads that pay for themselves saving you advertising money (advertisers are paying $17.95 per click for these exact keywords). It is also very simple to type in/remember; and can help improve, secure, and protect your web branding identity.

The price for this domain is just $475. I am reaching out to other related businesses in the next few days, and this domain will go to the first company who replies.

Here’s another example:

How are you today? I see that you own the domain name: [domain name]

I am writing to let you know that the domain name [domain name] is for sale. I am contacting you to see if there is a possible interest in this exceptional domain name.

Based on your site [domain name], it seems you can acquire customers over time at a lower cost than advertising. A domain name like [domain name] can become an online presence for your business that customers will remember.

I am commited to offer you an easy and secure way to purchase and take control of [domain name]

Thank you for your time & I look forward to discussing this further.

Here’s how they do it:

  1. Search Google for sites related to the domain.
  2. Get the contact information for the owner of sites that might buy the domain by visiting the contact us page or looking at the whois record.
  3. Send out an email telling the domain owners your domain is for sale.

Pretty simple system right? Well, how could we improve on what these sellers are doing?

How to Supercharge Your Domain Flipping

Here are some ways I can find to improve what these domain sellers (or domain brokers) are doing:

  • Develop a relationship with the most likely buyers BEFORE you try to sell them your domain. That might mean calling them on the phone or offering to do them a favor without expecting anything in exchange. This is especially true if you’d like to get four figures or more for your domain.
  • Tailor each email to the specific website. Explain why your domain would enhance their specific website instead of sending the same canned email to everyone.
  • Send a follow up email after 48 hours. Again, make it personalized and maybe ask if they got your first email and why they haven’t responded.
  • If you don’t get any bites the first time around, put the domain up for auction and notify your potential buyer list of the ending time. This will play up the scarcity factor if anyone was slightly interested from your first go-around.
  • Outsource the work. You’d have to crunch some numbers to make sure it would be worth it, but with enough volume, it could be profitable.
  • This would perhaps be considered black-hat, but could you use the system above combined with “domain tasting” to register new domains and attempt to sell them during the grace period?

What are some other ways you’ve found successful when using this domain flipping system? How could this system be used for website flipping? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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