July 2010 Most Actives and Top Sellers

Normally I get the previous month’s stats up much earlier than this but for some reason it took me longer this time around. Better late than never I always say:) At any rate, I posted the detailed Past Website Sales for July 2010.

Here is a quick summary table of the top 10 most actives and top sellers for July:

july website sales

You can get all of the most active and top sellers along with a lot more details for each site by visiting the Past Website Sales page.

Many of the sites in both the most active and top sellers were AdSense sites. If you’d like to build AdSense sites that make great money and sell for big bucks, be sure to check out my AdSense Report review.

Luke Moulton, Marketing Manager for Flippa.com, Steps Down

Luke MoultonFor you experienced website flippers, you are well aware of who Luke Moulton is. For the rest of you, Luke was the Marketing Manager for Flippa.com, the largest and most popular marketplace for flipping websites. He did a good job getting the word out about Flippa during his brief 8-month stint. It seemed his mug and name where all over blogs and forums about website flipping – including this blog. In fact, Luke was gracious enough to do an interview with me back in March of this year.

According to his blog post, he turned in his notice two weeks ago so his tenure with Flippa is officially over. He said the reason he left was because of the 3 hour commute he faced everyday and the fact that he was away from his baby and wife 12-13 hours everyday. I don’t blame him. I couldn’t handle that commute and schedule either as I have two little ones myself.

I think Luke did a good job for Flippa and represented the marketplace well. I’m sure he’ll be missed by the higher-ups at Flippa. It will be interesting to see who fills his shoes – and to see what direction the new Marketing Manager takes the marketing and promotions for Flippa.

Some of you reading this might be wondering why Luke’s departure is worthy of a blog post. For one, Flippa is the largest and most popular marketplace right now and since the company is so small (less than 10 people as of March 2010), any changes in personnel is somewhat of a big deal – particularly this position since it is such a public position. Furthermore, there is part of me that can’t help to wonder if there are other reasons why Luke departed.

As reported by Justin at the FlipFilter.com blog, Flippa has taken a few lumps lately. First, the startup market (sites with no traffic or revenue) bottomed out, which is the bread and butter of the Flippa marketplace as far as I’m concerned. Then apparently there was a lot of noise from disgruntled users who were complaining of fraud and non-paying bidders. Finally, there was the Flippa hack gaff that occurred last week.

With Luke gone now it makes you wonder what’s going on. Regardless of Luke’s reasons for leaving, it hasn’t been a good week for Flippa.

P.S. I would like to personally thank Luke for being so accessible and helpful during his time with Flippa. I wish him the best of luck with his new endeavors!

Hey Man, Do You Smoke Pot and Flip Websites?

Heading into the weekend I thought I would have some fun and highlight an interesting and entertaining website for sale. PotSpace.com, “a place for stoners,” is currently up for auction on Flippa.com. At the time of this post it is already bid up to $11,100. The interesting thing is this social network site makes no money but it does get around 25,000 unique visitors per month and has over 186,000 users.

The seller says the site was featured in Rolling Stone magazine. I don’t smoke marijuana myself, but I found the site very entertaining. I spent about 30 minutes just browsing around and watching some interesting and funny videos. Let’s just say pot smokers know how to have a good time. Makes me wonder if I’m missing out on something…lol.

There is a BIN set for $25,000. There is no doubt in my mind that the BIN will be met. With an established, four year-old social network of such passionate members, there is a lot of revenue potential. I remember a while back there was a guy who had a website selling various “how to” guides on how to make bongs and the like and he was making a killing.

My head is a buzz with ideas of how I would monetize this site. If it were another niche I might be interested in buying it but I don’t smoke pot and I never have so I’d be higher than a kite to invest in this website. If you’re a pot smoker though and have the money to invest, this might be a great opportunity:)

Dear Flippa: PLEASE Do Something With Your Tagging System!

Flippa TagsWhen Flippa introduced tags not too long ago it was a welcome addition. Unfortunately, the whole tagging system has become a mess. The reason is because they allow sellers to define their listings with any tags they want. This isn’t good for sellers, buyers, or for Flippa and here’s why…

A seller, especially if he is a first-time seller on Flippa, may have no idea what tags to use. Sure he could look at the tags report on Flippa and figure out which tags make the most sense but is a first-time seller going to know how to do that? In most cases sellers use tags that are a disservice to their listings. You see meaningless tags like, “football soccer,” and “unique contents.” Those are actual tags used by sellers on Flippa. How many buyers do you think are looking for “football soccer” and “unique contents” listings? Hmmm, let me think – ZERO! As a result, sellers are severely limiting their exposure when they use such ridiculous tags.

From a buyer’s perspective it’s even worse. You are relying on the seller to accurately tag their listings, which I’ve just pointed out doesn’t always happen. Consider this example: A seller has a WordPress site that is making great money through AdSense but since he doesn’t understand the tagging system he uses “football soccer” and “unique contents” as his tags because the blog is about football soccer and the content is unique. As a buyer, I’m watching all listings tagged as WordPress and AdSense. In this example, I would never know about that seller’s listing since it wasn’t tagged as “WordPress” or “AdSense.” See the problem?

The current system isn’t good for Flippa either. There are currently over 230 tags being used on Flippa and the list is growing. There is no way you can get any meaningful data with so many tags. And even if Flippa is somehow able to make sense out of so many tags, sellers and buyers still lose. Sellers get reduced exposure and buyers miss out on potentially good buys.

Flippa’s Tagging System Isn’t Working So What’s The Solution?

Flippa needs to determine what tags they want sellers to use and then have the sellers select which tags to use for their listings. Here is how I would do it if I were running Flippa – just thinking off the top of my head so I’m not saying this is perfect but it would be a step in the right direction anyway…

First, I would have a set of tags that would define the type of platform the website was built on. Example tags would be: HTML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla. The seller would select one of those tags. Then I’d have another set of tags that would define the monetization models the website uses: AdSense, Affiliate Sales, Product or Service Sales, None. The seller would then select which ones apply. Then I’d have a third set of tags that would define the subject, or niche, of the website that the seller would select from. This set of tags would be rather broad to cover a variety of subjects and to keep the list to a minimum.

It’s important to note that sellers would be required to select tags from all three groups. That way every listing would be tagged by platform, monetization model, and subject. By doing this you now have a defined list of tags that you can track and get meaningful information from. For sellers, they wouldn’t need to try to figure out what tags to use and they would be assured their listings would get maximum exposure. And finally for buyers, they would be assured that whatever tags they searched by or added to their watchlist would capture every listing on Flippa that was using those tags.

Until such a system is put in place, the tagging system at Flippa will continue to be chaos and will only get worse as the marketplace grows. Hopefully someone over at Flippa is listening 🙂

Tell Flippa What You Want!

We all know Flippa.com is the largest, most active marketplace for people who buy and sell websites but they are far from perfect. Did you know they have a website for you to sound off on what improvements you want made? I didn’t know this myself until I saw this tiny little “feedback” link at the bottom of their website. The link goes to this website.

Not surprisingly, the number one request by website buyers and sellers is an integrated escrow service. This was a service I always thought would be a natural fit for Flippa and I’m surprised it hasn’t been added yet. It would certainly make it easier for those new to buying and selling websites if there was a “Flippa endorsed” escrow service that was easily integrated into the sales process.

The second most popular request, which also doesn’t surprise me, is the need for a Flippa affiliate program for Internet Marketers like myself to monetize their sites with:) This is another no-brainer improvement – but then again I’m slightly biased as an affiliate marketer myself.

And rounding up the top three requests is the need to allow adult sites to be sold. I didn’t think of this one but after doing some digging, it turns out there aren’t too many avenues for webmasters to buy and sell adult websites. I’m actually surprised Flippa doesn’t allow them because I suspect Flippa is leaving a lot of money on the table by not opening their marketplace to them. Those who don’t want adult sites allowed, which interestingly enough is the fourth most popular request, say they don’t want to be exposed to “porn.”

This concern could easily be solved by having the adult sites behind a second opt-in, or private area. They could handle these sites the same way eBay handles their adult items for sale where you can’t even view the items until you agree to the “Terms of Use” for their adult items for sale. Even after you agree to those terms there is an additional step required to go to the adult items for sale as they give you the chance to cancel your request. And no, I don’t know all this from experience! I actually wanted to know how eBay handled this to help the folks at Flippa on how they could handle this as well so I just tried to view the Adult Only category at eBay.

Do you have a request for Flippa? Leave your feedback for them here!