Website Flipping Market Snapshot: 8-1-10

The data for the Most Actives, Top Sellers, Top Selling Niches, and Most Active Site Flippers is based on the market activity at As the largest and most popular marketplace for site flippers right now, the market activity there provides valuable insight on what people are buying and selling.

SOLD: $3,900

Established: July 2007
Unique Visitors/Month: 2,000
Net Profit/Month: $192
Description: Membership-based ecommerce marketplace for arts and crafts made in Maine.

Comments: This is a very interesting concept – a GEO-based marketplace. What it also interesting to know is that the seller got a $12,500 grant from the state of Maine to develop the site! How hard would it be to create a similar GEO marketplace in another state and obtain a grant to do it? Hmmm. See auction here. – 35 Bids
SOLD: $997

Established: April 2010
Unique Visitors/Month: None claimed.
Net Profit/Month: None claimed.
Description: ClickBank-ready site offering a traffic system video course.

Comments: There isn’t much to comment here since it’s your run-of-the-mill startup – well sort of. What this auction proves is that you can still get good money for a startup if you pick the right niche (i.e. Internet Marketing and ClickBank-ready), create a high quality site (i.e. original content and design), and hype the hell out of it (i.e. highlight the “massive potential” the site has and convince buyers the site will sell quickly). See auction here. – 35 Bids
SOLD: $1,000

Established: June 1999
Unique Visitors/Month: 2,000
Net Profit/Month: $147
Description: Romance-themed information website monetized by ClickBank sales.

Comments: Don’t let the established date fool you as that is only the age of the domain. The website itself is only a year old or so. This is a great example of what you can do with an aged domain. This seller picked up an aged domain, built a very simple website on it, and flipped it for $1,000! When you buy aged domains you want to be careful – especially in niches like this. You don’t want to buy a domain that was associated with a “seedy” website in the past. If you use the WayBack machine, you can see this domain was actually a website that sold adult romance games. While this doesn’t raise red flags, if you were the buyer you would just want to make sure that any backlinks going to the old site pages are redirected. See auction here.

TOP SELLERS – $65,000
BIDS: 17

Established: May 2007
Unique Visitors/Month: 4,360
Net Profit/Month: $4,240
Description: Health insurance niche site monetized by AdSense and an affiliate program.

Comments: I had a feeling when I first saw this website for sale it would be a top seller. This site had everything going for it. It was an aged website that ranked very well for many keywords in a highly competitive niche. It was getting over 4,300 unique visitors per month and earning over $4,000 in net monthly profits. All the content was unique and all backlink efforts to the site where white hat. This was the perfect example of what a high quality, established website can sell for! See auction here. – $52,000

Established: April 2003
Unique Visitors/Month: 150,000
Net Profit/Month: $0
Description: Free flash games site.

Comments: I’m embarrassed to even comment on this auction because it was clearly a fake. By fake I mean the seller either placed a bid under another username or had someone else he knew place a bid to make it look like it sold. The seller had less than five lines of text describing the site and didn’t post any attachments (i.e. screenshots, videos, analytics, etc.). There were also no comments left by buyers except the three that the seller deleted. In addition, the site wasn’t making a dime and wasn’t anything unique or special at all. A few of the games I tried to play just redirected me to another gaming website to actually play the games. Despite all this we are supposed to believe it sold for the minimum bid of $52,000? I don’t think so. It’s auctions like this that give Flippa a bad name. Flippa needs to do a better job of preventing garbage like this from being listed in the first place. The only reason I’m listing it as a “top seller” is to show you what kind of scams take place on Flippa from time-to-time. See auction here. – $42,000
BIDS: 27

Established: July 2004
Unique Visitors/Month: 15,180
Net Profit/Month: $6,273
Description: Online retail store selling pet apparel and other pet items.

Comments: Like the top seller for the week, this was another high quality, established website. The seller would have gotten a lot more for it too had the site still been taking orders. According to the auction listing, the seller stopped taking orders in March of 2010 to concentrate on other projects. This was the perfect opportunity for the right buyer since it was discounted for the lack of sales since March. See auction here.


This metric provides a lot of insight on the website flipping market. These are the types of websites that buyers are watching. In other words, these are the types of websites that buyers are interested in buying today. As a potential seller, this is great information because if your website falls into any of these categories, be sure to tag them as such when you list them. And if you’re a short-term flipper, these are the types of websites you should be building for sale.

AdSense: 50 buyers watching

WordPress: 50 buyers watching

Ecommerce: 45 buyers watching

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