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website-flipping-blueprintsI get a lot of emails every week from people who think I’m some kind of website flipping guru. I wish I was but I’m not – at least not in the traditional sense where I’m buying and selling (i.e. flipping) on a regular basis.

As I have detailed on my about me page, I specialize in developing SEO websites that I hold on to for at least 6 months that I then sell. In short, my specialty is flipping websites that are established SEO sites that are making money. As a result, the bulk of my time is spent working on sites – not flipping websites.

As an Internet Marketer who builds websites for the long-term flip, getting started on the right foot is critical. I can’t afford to work on a site for several weeks only to discover it’s a losing niche or that I’m using the wrong revenue streams. And because I spend so much time on my sites, it’s imperative that I not only know they are a “sure thing” in terms of the money they can generate while I own them, but that they’ll be in demand when I sell them.

Diving head first into the website flipping niche was a godsend. It has allowed me to study and learn the market. I know what sells and what doesn’t – but better yet, I am given the blueprints to all of these websites. If I can follow these blueprints and add my own skills and expertise, I can be assured that most sites I develop will make money and will sell for big money when I flip them.

For any given website listed on Flippa, I can take notes of all the things the sellers say about their websites. Things like how they have been marketing their websites, how they monetize them, how they create content, how they get email subscribers, etc. etc. Then I can actually visit their websites and see what they’re doing. I have complete blueprints provided for FREE!

No other tool or resource in the Internet Marketing industry can provide as much information for free as the website flipping market. Every time I visit marketplaces like Flippa, I’m amazed at the amount of information I can get my hands on and not have to pay a dime for it. I consider this the golden era of having access to these free blueprints, however.

I have a feeling that as this industry matures, sellers are going to be more guarded about what they share publicly. I envision a future where the majority of sellers will require all buyers sign NDA’s before they will reveal anything about their websites – and even then you will only be given brief information as the “good stuff” will be reserved for serious buyers only. I can see this happening even on even popular marketplaces like Flippa.

Until that day comes, enjoy what you have at your fingertips today! Spend time at popular marketplaces like Flippa and learn from the auctions. It can greatly reduce the learning curve and give you a head start with any of your projects. To get you started, visit the Past Website Sales section of this website and enjoy all the free blueprints for website development and flipping success!

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  • Chad

    the information is great. I guess a person should look at this like flipping houses. I build websites so should I wait a couple days/weeks before the posts are indexed. How long should i wait before placing a website for sale on flippa after creation?

    • Travis


      If you sell a website without any traffic or revenue, you’re selling what’s called a startup website. The bottom has fallen out on these types of sites so I wouldn’t recommend that route (although some people are still making decent money selling these types of sites).

      Personally, I’m a build and hold type of flipper. I develop my sites out for a solid year or two and then sell them. That way I get to enjoy the passive income they generate while I own them and then I get a nice payday when I sell them.


  • Garrett Wayne

    The Tech part I would like to know is, where do you host your site?
    how do you transfer the Domain, without getting ripped off for it?
    Do you use an Escrow account, if so how do you structure the exchange, are there any papers needed to protect you. How do you
    do the due- diligence to check the stats that are claimed on the sales page? How do you transfer the funds, do you use PayPal ?
    you know, that kind of tech stuff.

    • Travis


      Thanks for the feedback! I’m taking notes of any suggestions people leave here. While I’ve addressed some of the things you’ve highlighted, I haven’t touched on all of them so thanks for the ideas.

      By the way, if you have specific questions you need help with now, please contact me directly via my contact page.



  • Max

    You are doing a great job. I really enjoy your blog. I just would like to say that it is the tech part of websites that everyone would love to know. The area that a lot of people that flip sites outsource about never share their secrets.
    Thank you for taking the time to write Recap every end of the week. I really enjoy reading them. Keep up with the good stuffs.



    • Travis


      Thanks for the support – and the suggestions. Can you be more specific when you say you want more on the “tech part of websites?”