How To Make Money With Google AdSense Sites ($150,000+ Per Year)!

make money with google adsenseIf you want to know how to make money with Google AdSense websites then you’re going to love this interview. I had the privilege to interview Cary Bergeron, a quiet and highly successful “AdSense guru.” Cary makes over $150,000 per year with just one AdSense website alone, and has flipped a couple AdSense sites for $80,000 and $30,000 in the past year on

In this interview, Cary shares some great insight on how to make money with Google AdSense. If you want a step-by-step, detailed guide on how to replicate his success, I encourage you pick up a copy of his book, The AdSense Report. You can learn more about it by reading my Adsense Report review. Let’s dive in and see what Cary has to say…

FW: Cary, I know you’re an extremely busy guy these days so thanks for taking the time to do this interview. I guess the first question I have is have you always specialized in AdSense sites?

I haven’t always specialized in AdSense but over the last several years it has become a more important part of my business. I wanted to build a lasting revenue stream that requires very little upkeep and solid returns. I feel that AdSense can provide a better long term income than most other systems out there.

I got into AdSense as soon as I knew it would work. I think it was about January 2006 when I saw the AdSense light flicker. I make a good amount of money from AdSense but it is not all I do. I also do other Internet marketing as well including eBooks, opt-in lists, membership sites and work with some CPA networks.

FW: Why AdSense websites primarily, versus say affiliate websites or other ways to make money online?

AdSense sites have the staying power if you build them right. It’s not very hard to make money with AdSense but you must keep at it.

I have sites that run affiliate offers on them but when you do affiliate marketing you are at the mercy of someone else’s product and I don’t like that. I make money with affiliate marketing but I don’t concentrate on it like I do with AdSense.

FW: As primarily an affiliate marketer myself, I totally understand what you’re saying about relying on someone else’s product. It’s always a concern of mine and has been a problem a few times in the past, but I digress. When I got into this business in 2005, AdSense was all that anyone talked about. Then a couple years after that it seemed to die down and a lot of people were whining they weren’t making money with AdSense anymore. To this day I read in various forums that it sucks and that you can’t make money with AdSense anymore. You are proof-positive this isn’t true but my question to you is this, are you the exception to the rule or is the “AdSense gold rush” just as strong today as it was back in 2005? And what do you say to those that say you can’t make money with AdSense?

The “Gold Rush” is in full force and going strong. If people want to get out of using AdSense because they think there isn’t any money to be made that is fine. The less competition the better as far as that goes. But I can tell you I’ve been making money with AdSense since 2006 and just about every month I have made more than the previous month. The only time see a dip in AdSense revenue is when I sell a site for say $80,000 like this one on Flippa or this one for $30,000, which only lasted for about an hour and someone bought it.

To those who say you can’t make money with AdSense, I think the majority of them probably tried it for a month or two and didn’t see $10,000 come in so they gave up. The thing is that you need to put in some time and effort to make money online and it won’t happen overnight. If you want to make money and you are passionate about what you are doing you will be successful with anything.

FW: That’s great advice: be passionate about what you’re doing and don’t give up! It takes time to be successful. And congrats on grossing $110,000 selling just two AdSense sites on Flippa! Do you have any plans to get into flipping AdSense sites on a regular basis – as in building AdSense websites solely with the intent of selling them once they start making money?

I sold this site on Flippa that I built exclusively for flipping. The site wasn’t making any money really.

FW: What advice can you give someone who might be looking to buy AdSense sites on Flippa?

Yes, buy a site like the one I sold above. It was a unique design and original content. Don’t buy any site that is a cookie cutter type site because you won’t make any money on them.

AdSense ReportFW: You recently launched an ebook called the AdSense Report. I imagine it has been a huge success given that you have proven that your system works with your successful AdSense sites you’ve sold on Flippa.

Yes, I released the guide back in March and will be releasing version 2 soon. The funny thing is that I had no intention to write a guide but people kept asking me to. After a month or two of giving it some thought the AdSense Report was released.

FW: As a guy who knows nothing about AdSense, I had to buy it myself after I saw how successful your AdSense sites were. If I can be honest with you, I was shocked at how short it was. I was expecting your typical 100+ page ebook as so many of these “how to make money” ebooks are but your report is rather short. This is a report with absolutely no fluff. It gets right down to the point in terms of what you need to do to build successful AdSense sites. For my readers, tell me what sorts of things they’ll learn about in this report and who this report is geared towards – and what makes it different from other “make money with AdSense” products out there?

Things in the AdSense Report include the “10 Things You Must Do To Make Money With AdSense”, as well as how to layout your ads to get a 20%+ CTR and a step-by-step worksheet. The report is no fluff so you will need to know certain things like FTP, web hosting and the like. I didn’t get into this stuff much because I didn’t want to waste peoples time. Time is valuable and I didn’t think it was needed. With that being said in my next version I might include some of these things for the less experienced AdSense person.

My report is different because I can backup what I am preaching. Take a look at some of the other guides out there and see if they are actually making money or just regurgitating other people’s success stories.

FW: Speaking of success, in the report you mention that you make $150,000 per year with AdSense. How many sites does it take to make money online with AdSense alone?

Well I’m actually making more than that now but I have one site that makes this amount yearly.

FW: Holy cow! Let me just pick myself off the floor right now and get back on my seat…lol. That’s crazy! Let’s try this on for size…let’s say I set a modest goal of making $5,000/month with just AdSense sites – or in your case just one AdSense site. How long would it take to meet that goal?

This completely depends on the niche and how fast someone can get their site ranked for their target terms. It’s almost impossible to give specifics but if you chose the right niche and did the right SEO you could get there within a year for sure. The sad part is that most people will give up before this time.

FW: I’m starting to sense a theme here – patience and hard work are the keys to success. So what are the most important things to know when trying to make money with AdSense? Is it picking niches, selecting the right keywords, what is it?

Niches like divorce and law. Next would be traffic and lastly it would be ad placement. Almost in that exact order.

FW: Realistically, how long does it take to get one AdSense site up and running and generating SOME revenue?

If you follow the step-by-step process in my AdSense Report you can be making money within 3 months. After that if you choose the right niche and follow the plan you can be making very good money within 6-12 months.

FW: One of the things you recommend in your report is to build HTML websites versus blogs. Has you stance on this changed?

I have been testing blogs more and more with some very good results. In version 2 of my AdSense Report, which is coming out soon, I will explain this in more detail. I do feel that there is one very specific route you can go with WordPress blogs to make just as much money as you can with HTML sites.

FW: Walk me through the process of how you determine what niches you’ll build AdSense sites around. For example, do you go as far as using the Google AdWords tool to check the estimated bids on various keywords or is your process much simpler than that?

I do use the Google AdWords keyword tool to see exact and broad traffic, but basically I follow the money. There is more money in say the “mortgage refinance” niche than there is in the “bird house” niche. I don’t choose niches that don’t relate or equal money.

FW: Are your sites AdSense only or do you monetize with other methods such as affiliate income?

I use other monetization methods as well. My AdSense sites run mostly just AdSense but with that being said it is never good to put all your eggs in one basket. If you only run AdSense I would suggest having an alternative ready to go.

FW: I could go on forever with this interview but I better wrap this up. Aside from buying your AdSense Report, where can people learn more from you?

I write weekly posts on my blog about AdSense, SEO, my everyday life and the freedoms I have from making money online. If you visit my blog,, you can also sign up for my newsletter which includes AdSense tips, SEO advice and tools I find very useful.

Read The AdSense Report Review

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  • Auspicious writeup Thanks For Great Info

  • I must confess, I am not new to adsense, having “discovered” the auto income potential of it through “The Adsense Code” way back when.
    The reason I landed here, in part, I guess, is because I’m looking for ways to increase the value of some of my sites before selling them on flipper.

    So, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a thread post about Cary Bergeron, and how he’s the “Silent Assassin,” if you will, when it comes to both adsense and flipping websites.

    Long story short, I’m about to read the adsense recipe which I purchased a couple of hours ago.

    Just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn a few new tricks and perhaps maximise the value of your site before letting it to the wolves on flippa.

    Good going guys.

  • Mille9fishy

    nice flippa!

  • Andrew


    Is it possible for me to build an online adsense business using a laptop? I do not want to get into the situation where my computer grinds to a halt because there is not enough space to accomodate the web site builder and the files etc. Any feedback on the kind of computer to get would help.


    • Travis


      Today’s laptops can definitely handle any kind of online business you may want to run – assuming of course you won’t be using your computer as the server for your sites and that you’ll actually get a hosting account. You sound like you might be new to all this stuff so if this doesn’t make sense, just drop me a line at my contact page and I’ll walk you through the basics.


  • In Cary’s next e-book which the payers of the first e-book will soon receive the following things need to be covered:

    1. Supply access to the best and easiest SEO friendly web site builders out there that will help newbies build a web site easily with
    out knowing html. Several need to be supplied as some take up too much space to work well on some older computers. Cary, can you comment on this and can you refer us on this thread to those?

    2. Supply access to some tools that will find the highest profitable keywords with the least amount of competition. I know there are some available out there but forget the names of the companies that supply them. Cary, can you comment on this and refer us on this thread to those?

    3. Supply information about how to discern what amount of competition is too much before we move onto looking at another main keyword and niche to target with our new web site project. Or, perhaps it does not matter about the competition since if a person keeps building links and quality content the site we build will eventually make it to within the top three positions? Cary, can you comment on this thread and answer this?

    Thanks guys for the good work you are doing on flipwebsites and on Cary’s blog.

    See you on the beaches of the world, Marv

    • Travis


      Great suggestions! I hope Cary stops by and reads this and leaves some comments. Until he does, let me take a stab at some of these.

      1. WordPress is the BEST builder out there – and it’s FREE. It used to be difficult to operate but over the years it has gotten a lot easier to learn. I use WordPress exclusively and have since 2006. If you go the HTML route, I recommend XsitePro.

      2. Best paid keyword tool is Market Samurai. This is the greatest keyword tool ever created. I have used it exclusively since it came out. Here is a link to it where you can download it and try it for free:

      Market Samurai
      (yes, that is an affiliate link but I only promote tools and products I actually use myself)

      If you go the free route, Google keyword tool is the best. Here is the link to it:

      Google Keyword Tool

      3. This is tough to answer because everyone has their own theory. For me, if you do a phrase match on Google, there should be less than 50,000 results. However, I also check using the allintitle: operator to get a sense of competition. But then again I use Market Samurai, which gives me all this information and more with just a few clicks. Seriously, that tool is that awesome. Basically, you want to avoid broad keyword phrases and concentrate on long-tail keywords – which are usually 3-word keyword phrases or more.

      If you have more questions, please drop me a line directly via my contact page.


    • Marvin I will agree with Travis on these.

      1. I still stick by approach of using html for sites but in version 2.0 of my Adsense Report I talk about WordPress extensively. I’ll explain what themes to use, what plug-ins to use and what other tweaks and configuration changes you need to make. Just standing up WP isn’t enough and I explain exactly what you need to do.

      2. Market Samurai is nice but I find myself using the Google Keyword Tool time after time. In version 2.0 I’ll release a video of how I use the Google Keyword Tool to find just the right niches and keywords to target.

      3. This depends completely on your resolve. Any keyword and niche can be taken down it just depends on how much time you are willing to put in. Are you willing to commit 2+ years to rank for terms like mortgage refinance or child support? If you have the drive and the resolve to see it through you will make bank and bank hard.

      I’m running behind on releasing version 2.0 but I can assure everyone it is in the works. With the summer upon us and my need for camping and 4 wheeling v2.0 has been pushed back a smidge.

      I can guarantee that the Adsense Report 2.0 will be something awesome when it is finally released.

      • Travis

        Thanks Cary for stopping by and answering those questions. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your summer:) I can’t believe summer is half over already. It is going too fast!!


  • Darko

    It took me more than a year to realize eyeballs =! money.

    I have a site that’s getting 400 ppl a day, making $10 a day with a CTR of 20%.

    I have a site that was getting around 10k ppl a day, but making…yes…barely $2 lol. The visitors came from SU and digg (social media is horrible for monetization but could be worth for link building and increasing domain authority.)

    I’ve come to realize that choosing the right niche is indeed 50% of the work, then 35% may be the traffic, 5% analysis (essential for long-term growrth) and the rest management and testing placements.

    • Travis


      Thanks for sharing your experiences with AdSense. There is no doubt picking the right niche is very important! Good luck with your sites and thanks for stopping by.


  • Killer interview! I just found Cary yesterday through somebody else’s blog and read through his personal site faster than a fat guy running to a Girl Scout Cookie Stand. It’s really great to read an actual interview with him – must have been fun to conduct.

    I’ve got a handful of smaller sites (ranging from 5 to 50 pages each, probably) than bring in some decent spending cash, but nothing to the tune of $150k per year. I think that might be more money than I’ve ever made in my life.

    Rock On

    • Travis


      “…faster than a fat guy running to a Girl Scout Cookie stand.” That’s funny!

      Cary is one sharp cookie – no pun intended. Be sure to keep an eye for his Version 2 release of the AdSense Report. It should be good stuff. In the mean time, it sounds like you’ve got a good foundation going with some sites launched. As Cary recommends, stick with competitive niches where there is money and concentrate on those. Good luck to you!


  • Great Interview, never knew this guy existed. What a track record. Sell 2 adsense sites and make over 100k. Might wait until I have time to pick up the ebook. Sounds like there is got to be some value there.

    • Travis

      Ya, isn’t it crazy! And he still has a site that brings in $150,000 per year. I had never heard of him before either until I started tracking his Flippa listings. When you sell one site for $80,000, you tend to stand out in the crowd;)


  • Travis, thanks again for the interview I really enjoyed it.

    You are right the guide isn’t intended for anyone who has been in the business more than a couple years. It is designed for someone who is relatively new and wants to genuinely make money online. Let’s me stress “genuinely” interested because making money online won’t happen overnight. But I can assure you it is very real and once it starts happening it’s like a drug addiction.

    I’ve never really gone the route of 100 sites all making $2 a day. I would rather have 8-12 sites all making $100 a day.

    Less management this way and when you want to dump one for say $80k it’s possible!

    • Travis

      Hey Cary!

      I enjoyed working on this interview as well and as I mentioned in my previous comment, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of using AdSense.

      And I’m with you about creating only a handful of websites. I know there are still many gurus who suggest cranking out hundreds of mini sites, but I have to believe those days are long over. You just can’t create quality websites that way and you just end up spinning your wheels for little money.

      Take care and I can’t wait for version 2 of the AdSense Report to be released. I need to know how to use AdSense on blogs!


      • Alex

        Hi Travis/Cary,

        Talking about version 2, any idea when will that be released? And one question that lingers in my mind is that is the content standalone or one need to consume the first report before being able to implement version 2’s strategies and tecniques?

        • Travis


          Great question but the way most of these deals work, the author will just beef up the original book with more strategies and techniques and updates. I HIGHLY doubt (especially given the price) that Cary will make you buy version 1 to understand or benefit from version 2.

          Having said all this I am not the author so who know what Cary will be doing. I recommend you visit his blog and leave a comment or shoot him an email directly with your question. He’s super busy so I don’t know how often he’ll be stopping by here.



          • Alex

            Hi Travis,

            Thanks for the reply. Actually that’s exactly what I’d did (both email and comment) but as you said Cary seems to be away from his blog for a while until I saw him replying to your comment here. That’s why I quickly drop my questions here 🙂

            I have the similar thoughts as you where I’m more ‘interested’ in learning how to do all this on a blog platform as opposed to using html sites.

          • Travis


            It will be interesting to see what Cary says about blogs in version 2 of this report. I know there has to be a way to make good money with “AdSense blogs” but until I know exactly how, I’ll stick with what I’m doing now as I have no interest in working on HTML sites!


          • That is exactly it.

            I won’t require anyone to buy both versions. Version 2 will include everything from the V1 plus all kinds of other goodness.

            In version 2 here is what you can expect…

            I’ll go into more detail about making money with blogs and exactly what plug ins and theme to use. I’ll talk about outsourcing and how to get quality content and labor for as little as $1 an hour. I’ll explain the techniques I used to see a $2500+ Adsense day. Plus all kinds of other good stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.

            Also, anyone who buys V1 will get a free upgrade when it is released.

          • Travis


            Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like Version 2 is going to have way more content this time around – that’s awesome. Good to see that if anyone buys V1 they get V2 for free. I can’t wait for my copy:) Take care!


  • Ah, appreciate your honest opinion on the ebook Travis, I’m a newbie and would definately buy after reading your feedback, yesterday after reading your blog post, I browsed through the sales page and saw the prize tag and was turned-off.

    • Travis


      Yes, the price is a little steep – especially if you’re just getting started online and are working with a tight budget. However, if AdSense is going to be your primary way of making money and you want to get started NOW, then this ebook is worth every penny – IF you follow the steps and work it!


  • Alex

    Hi Travis, just wanna drop by and say thanks for the really informative interview with the product owner. The questions you asked almost cover all the doubts or queries that common folks have (for eg like how long it will take to really start earning money with his guide). Thanks again 🙂

    • Travis


      Thanks! Some say my interviews are too long (although I actually had one guy email me to tell me the interviews are too short…lol), but I try to ask all the questions I think most regular folks would want to know. It’s good to know I’m on the right track asking the right questions – at least for this interview anyway:)


  • It’s great to see content on building revenue in addition to the stuff on selling sites.

    To do $150K pa from adsense alone shows half the job is in choosing a good niche to begin with!

    • Travis


      No doubt. Niche selection is at least half the job – if not more. Picking the wrong niche can completely kill your entire efforts.


  • Very interesting interview. I’m just getting started building adsense sites using xfactor’s method which relies on building many sites that make smaller amounts. I’ll definitely check this out.


    • Travis


      That is definitely one strategy to employ when trying to make money with AdSense (creating many sites making small amounts), but that is definitely not the methodology Cary follows. He creates a handful of content rich websites that make BIG bucks. I still can’t believe he has one site that makes $150,000 per year alone. That’s crazy. After reading his report and doing this interview, I have a whole new perspective on the possibilities with AdSense.


      • So you’d say it’s definitely worth the money?

        • Travis


          This is a really tough one. If I’m being totally honest, I think the price is a little steep BUT on the flip side, it is a very good step-by-step guide on how to build profitable AdSense sites. The problem I struggled with when I bought it was that it didn’t really teach me many things I didn’t already know – but I’ve been doing this stuff since 2005. The parts that were new to me were how to place the ads for optimal results so was that worth the $97 price tag? Probably not.

          So why do I still recommend it? What I like about the report is that it is perfect for newbies or people struggling to make money online as all the steps are laid out for you. And you could easily apply the steps to create highly successful affiliate websites so it’s a versatile guide.

          The truth is, there are other products out there that teach some of the same general concepts (with the exception of the AdSense specific stuff like where to place your ads and the like) that are half of the price. If you want a simple, to the point, step-by-step guide on how to build content-rich, SEO optimized sites that make money, then it’s worth the $97 price tag. If, however, you have Internet Marketing experience and a hard drive of ebooks on SEO and building content-rich websites (as most of us do), you can probably skip this product and save your money!