How to Find a Good Domain Name

Find a Domain NameSo, you’re ready to build a website or perhaps you already have a site and are considering a domain name change. It’s pretty likely all the best names in your market have already been taken. Don’t worry, there’s still hope for you to find a quality domain name that’s still available. Simply follow the steps below to find a great domain name for your next website flip.

Step 1: Choose Your Keyword

Use your favorite keyword research tool to find a valuable keyword in your market. Ideally you’ll find a phrase that is relatively short but maintains a high cost per click (CPC) and medium to high search volume. For this example, the keyword will be “Golf Swing”. The term has over 14,500 exact searches a month and a CPC of around $1.30. There are several longer tail terms which include the term “Golf Swing” so it has great potential to become an authority by including content around the general theme of golf swings. The term itself is short (9 letters) and easy to remember and spell.

Step 2: Add Prefix and Suffix Variations

Domain Finding System

Download the Flip Websites Domain Finding System Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet allows you to quickly add the following prefixes and suffixes to your keyword. Keep in mind the prefix or suffix you choose could possibly affect the type of site you end up building. For instance, using the suffix “network” could indicate that your site is a forum. For this reason, some of these may not be an ideal fit for your website project.

Domain Prefixes

  • best
  • top
  • just
  • simply
  • get
  • go
  • the
  • i
  • e
  • all
  • only
  • hot
  • fast
  • fresh
  • first
  • giga
  • my
  • in
  • up

Domain Suffixes

  • hub
  • now
  • info
  • site
  • review
  • reviews
  • guide
  • expert
  • guru
  • global
  • international
  • hut
  • news
  • tips
  • zone
  • pro
  • central
  • center
  • place
  • spot
  • bay
  • net
  • base
  • world
  • network
  • source
  • lab
  • wire
  • today
  • box
  • us
  • up

Step 3: Bulk Check Your List To See If Your Domain Is Available

Utilize your favorite bulk domain checker to find out which of the 50 or so variations of your domain are available. For the “Golf Swing” example, 30 domains were already registered and 21 were available.

godaddy bulk domain check

Step 4: Register Your Favorite Domain Name

If you like one or more of the available domains, great! You’ve just found the best domain name for your project. If you don’t like any of your options, you may want to consider starting over with a new keyword or trying different prefixes or suffixes. The domain was the winner for this example so it was registered directly through GoDaddy.

Good luck in your domain name search. Comment below if you used the system above to find a quality domain name.

  • Excellent tip for finding domains. Thanks for the free download too. It was so simple to use and the results were quick and valuable.