Cary Bergeron’s AdSense Recipe Review

Cary Bergeron (see our previous interview with him and our AdSense Report review) is back with an update to his AdSense Report ebook entitled the AdSense Recipe.  Suffice it to say, Cary’s the real deal — one of his AdSense sites is responsible for $150k in annual earnings, and he’s had over $110,000 in successful sales on Flippa.  He also turned down a $120k offer for one of his sites there.  Thankfully, he’s not shy about spilling the beans on what makes his sites so successful.

What the AdSense Recipe is NOT

First a quick disclaimer — the AdSense Recipe is not a get-rich-quick book.  It doesn’t contain a “magic bullet” that will result in instant success.  It’s a process that WILL require work (or money to outsource that work) on your part.  It will require some time before you start to see major results.

What the AdSense Recipe IS

This new version of his ebook offers substantially more detail than the previous offering — including a beginner’s guide that increases the range of people who can benefit from the book.  From niche selection to ad placement to traffic generation (largely via link building), Cary covers it all in solid detail.

The “recipe” is broken down into 3 books, an action plan, and some videos.  Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in each.

Beginner’s Guide

  • Definitions of relevant terms
  • What kind of website should you create (including ways to get ideas for a website)
  • Domain tips (keyword domains, which extension to use)
  • Choosing a webhost
  • Installing WordPress
  • Adding content
  • Tools that ease the workload
  • Basic AdSense placement

Advanced Guide

  • Keyword Research techniques (including determining potential traffic and  profitability)
  • Determining keyword competition level
  • WordPress tweaks and secrets
  • Content creation (how much do you need, best places to outsource, how much to pay)
  • Advanced ad placement (includes 20%+ CTR case study)
  • SEO tips
  • Automated link building services
  • Manual link building techniques
  • Tips for outsourcing link building
  • “Ninja Secrets” (extra SEO tips, getting repeat visitors)

Between the Beginner and Advanced guides, there’s over 60 pages of material.  Cary also includes a bonus Mass Media technique, which seems interesting but would definitely benefit from having a successful example included.  This was the only disappointing component of the course for me, and I’m going to contact Cary to see if he’ll add an example directly to the ebook or send it out as a follow-up email to his buyers.

Why I Recommend the AdSense Recipe

Most attempts at launching an AdSense empire fail because people get discouraged.  They don’t see results immediately and stop doing the things that would eventually lead to their success.  They do this, largely, because they aren’t sure their efforts will ever be rewarded.

That’s why the step-by-step guide included with the AdSense Recipe is so incredibly valuable.  It tells you exactly what you should do on a weekly basis to create a successful AdSense site.  This, more than the explanation of techniques and ad placement, is what’s going to help people to succeed.

I compare it to Dave Ramsey’s success in the personal finance field.  Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” has been wildly successful because it’s easy enough for anyone to understand, and it’s specific in what’s required.  He understands that people need to have a roadmap laid out in front of them and achieve little wins along the way if they want to tackle a huge goal.

Cary’s recipe is set up the same way — win each week (by checking off the required steps), know that you’ve made progress, and eventually your earnings totals will reflect this effort.

So, if you’re looking to get started building quality AdSense sites that bring in a solid recurring revenue stream, or you’ve tried to launch AdSense sites in the past but quit before you started to see serious results, this course is ideal for you.

Check it out at

  • I am really interested in SEO.  I own a site, and I am trying my best to bring to it to top but, its not happening. You blog has helped me with some useful info. Thanks.

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  • James

    I read you weekly email. Somewhere you mentioned you were going building some Cary Burgereon type sites. I would love to know more about what type of sites you building and you sucess. I’m a guild member and have really bought into Burgereon’s methods I think they are great. Keep me posted.

  • Stomace

    I’m very interested on the product, I’m a experienced site flipper, but never success on adsense, always see those x-factor adsense site sold at great value on flippa. To me it is to good to be true. Will this book help if I follow exactly the step by step guide, or just one of the adsense product on clickbank that with excellent hype sales page. Any one actually TRIED and get some success.

    • @Stomance – the thing I like about this book is that it does provide a step-by-step guide, so you don’t get discouraged along the way. It won’t provide instant results, but it does set your site up for success over the long-haul. The “magic bullet” is consistent action.

      I’m in the process of launching a brand-new AdSense site, and I’m going to implement Cary’s action plan. I’ll be sharing my results with this site (though not necessarily exposing its niche) over the next few weeks and months. Not sure if you want to wait that long to get started, but I did want to make you aware that I’ll be doing it.

  • Josh

    I have been a subscriber to Cary Bergeron’s site since I read about the Adsense Report when Travis wrote about it. I held off and bought the AdSense Recipe the day it was released. If you want a step-by-step guide on how to make money with AdSense, this is it.

    • @Josh — glad to hear you’ve enjoyed Cary’s book. I think he did a great job beefing it up from v1 to v2. Have you launched any sites yet using the “recipe?”

    • If you are flipping Websites, you should not be concerned about AdSense revenues, because if the site starts making AdSense revenues (which requires lot of time and efforts), why the heck should you sell it?

  • I remember reading about the Adsense Report on here and really liking the way it was presented. This site does great reviews on make-money-online products. Honest and thorough.

    I’m now building up a network of Adsense sites that I’m starting to see results with. I’ve sold a few on Flippa for a few hundred dollars, which, to me, is a good start. I realize I’m not going to make 120k overnight. I’m interested in buying this product, but I probably will hold off for a little. Probably until I sell another site, then I can use that money to buy it!

    Thanks for the great review…

  • etdman

    Looks like I will following someone who knows what they are talking about.