How to Find a Good Domain Name

Find a Domain Name

Find a Domain NameSo, you’re ready to build a website or perhaps you already have a site and are considering a domain name change. It’s pretty likely all the best names in your market have already been taken. Don’t worry, there’s still hope for you to find a quality domain name that’s still available. Simply follow the steps below to find a great domain name for your next website flip. Continue reading “How to Find a Good Domain Name”

Where to Sell a Website

Where to Sell a Website

One of the keys to getting the highest price for a website when it comes time to sell is to find the right buyer. Once you’ve identified the right kind of buyer for your website, you can either contact them directly or go directly to the places your buyers typically shop for websites. Those are the places where it’s best to sell a website. This article and corresponding infographic aims to identify the options you have to sell your website and which might be the best fit for your particular case. Continue reading “Where to Sell a Website”

How to Value a Website

Measure Website WorthAre you considering selling your website and would like to know how to value the site? Perhaps someone has approached you and offered to buy your site. Maybe the idea of cashing out on your website for a lump sum appeals to you. Whatever your motivation is for selling, you need to know what price tag to put on it.  That’s what this post is all about.

8 Things That Add Value to a Website

The first step to understanding how to value your site is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer. Why are they interested in your site to begin with? More than likely it’s for one or more of the following reasons: Continue reading “How to Value a Website”

How to Make Money Fast – 10 Options

Image of How to Make Money FastHave you found yourself in a situation where you need to make money quickly to take advantage of an opportunity? Perhaps there is a website you’d really like to buy or a new method of marketing you’ve been dying to try but you just need some quick cash to make it happen. Whatever the reason, it’s always nice to have the ability to raise some funds in a flash when you need it. Here are 10 options describing how to make money fast. Continue reading “How to Make Money Fast – 10 Options”

5 Essential Year End Tasks for Your Website

Year end is a great time for making sure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed when it comes to your website business. The list below outlines 5 important tasks that will help keep your website and your website business on track next year.

1. Change the Copyright Year on Your Site’s Footer

When I see a copyright date on a website that says something like “Copyright 2003. All Rights Reserved”, two thoughts go through my mind. Continue reading “5 Essential Year End Tasks for Your Website”

Website Flipping Market Snapshot Week Ending 12/8/2011

The last few weeks have been a little hectic for me. I’ve been enjoying a little time with my newborn son Ryder and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. For those of you who were waiting for an update on my new son, here it is. Ryder was born 11.11.11 at 7:59 a.m. He was a healthy 7 lbs 13 oz and measured in at 19.25 inches. Luckily he seems to be a mellow baby. I’m told this is often the case with your second child.

One thing I thought I should share with the website flipping community is that I purchased a domain for my son which is My business partner David has done the same thing for his kids. It will be exciting to see what he becomes in his professional life and I have a feeling he’ll be happy I had the foresight to protect his personal brand in case he ever needs it. By the time he’s ready to use it, the domain will already be 18 years old. Continue reading “Website Flipping Market Snapshot Week Ending 12/8/2011”

Yahoo! Site Explorer Is Dead – Here’s a List of Alternatives

Thanks to the merger with Bing/Microsoft, Yahoo! officially closes the doors on its Site Explorer tool. A message on their site says:

With the completion of algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! Search has merged Site Explorer into Bing Webmaster Tools. Webmasters should now be using the Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that their websites continue to get high quality organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo!. Continue reading “Yahoo! Site Explorer Is Dead – Here’s a List of Alternatives”

11/11/11 Big News!

Hi All,

Unfortunately I won’t be doing our usual website flipping update this week. Why, you ask? Well, tomorrow is 11/11/11 and my wife Melissa and I will be bringing a new life into this world. That’s right, my son will be born tomorrow!

I need to put all my focus in preparing for the big day so I’m skipping this week’s site flipping market update. I hope you don’t mind. I’ll be back next week (probably half-asleep from late nights with the new baby) with an update on the baby and on the buying and selling website market.

If you’d like to wish us luck or have any advice on the transition from 1 to 2 kids in a family, please comment below.

– Chris

Latest Website Flipping News for Oct 2011

Flippa Trends in October 2011

It wasn’t a bad month for Flippa. They facilitated over $3,000,000 of website buying and selling on their marketplace. Sales prices averaged approximately 7 times monthly income for sites selling in October.

Interesting fact: In October, two sites with over 100 backlinks in Google and no revenue sold at $405 and $750. It will be interesting to see if Flippa’s new backlink search feature will affect prices for these types of sites. – A Quick Site Flip Goldmine We Missed in October

The site sold for $34,000 and had no monetization. Let’s assume you were to increase the revenue per unique visit to a meager $0.10. That would put your monthly income at $5284.20/month. You could likely get that by adding some relevant advertising to the site starting a few days after you took the site over. Give it a few months at $5,000/month average net profit and you could likely flip the site for $60,000. This would give you a $41,000 profit on the site in 3 months. You have to love the power of the quick flip of undervalued sites!

Site Flipping Market Headlines for October 2011

Did you notice any trends or have any successes or failures? Let me know by commenting below.