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Flipping websites can be quite lucrative but you have to know what you’re doing and you need a game plan. That’s where we hope this website can help. Our goal is to make FlipWebsites.com the definitive resource for site flippers. Whether you’re a short term flipper or a long term builder, we want this site to be your “go-to-place” for the latest information and strategies to help you be more successful!

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Meet the FlipWebsites.com Team

David Gass

David GassDavid Gass is a serial entrepreneur who has started businesses with $200 and grew them to multi-millions.  His companies have been listed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States three years in a row and he has received several awards for his entrepreneurial efforts and commitment to giving back to his community.  Including “Rising Star of Las Vegas”, “Business Person of the Year” and named an Honorary Life Member of the Nevada DECA Association, a student run organization for High School students to learn about entrepreneurship, marketing and management.

He is the author of the books, “Building Business Credit for Business Owners,” “Success Steps to Business Credit,” “Success Steps to Business Financing,” and the ten book series “Building Blocks to Business Success.”

Mr. Gass started Business Credit Services, Inc. in the fall of 2000. He took BCS through the much choreographed stages of both the business credit building process and his 10 step building blocks to success from passion straight through to exit.  After 8 years of business success he exited the company through an acquisition by the global corporate services provider Corporation Service Company (CSC).

Mr. Gass has been featured on television, radio, business newspapers and magazines around the country. He has been interviewed by Kiplinger, Fox News, CNN Money, Forbes, Business Week, Entrepreneur and more on the subjects of entrepreneurship, marketing, business finance and credit. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, author, and sought after speaker on the subject of entrepreneurship, marketing, business finance and credit.

Chris Yates

Chris YatesChris Yates is an entrepreneur who is making triple digit annual returns buying, selling, and flipping websites. In addition to buying and selling internet businesses, he also educates and coaches others to make money buying, selling and flipping websites.

He and his business partner, David Gass, rapidly entered the “how to buy and sell websites” market by acquiring some of the top websites in the industry including buyingandsellingwebsites.com, flipwebsites.com, killerflippingsecrets.com, and flippingnetwork.com.

Before entering the website buying and selling market, Chris started, grew and sold a successful marketing business. He has also been involved in a handful of other rather unsuccessful ventures including a dot com media portal, a web hosting business, and an educational membership site for small businesses.

Chris’ abilities include the entire technical and creative skillset required to take an internet business from an idea to generating solid revenue. He has the ability to spot undervalued assets in websites and transform them to maximize performance.  His marketing efforts have generated multiple millions of dollars in sales online for his clients and his own projects.

Chris currently lives in Missoula, MT and enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa and his two sons.

Eppie Vojt

Hello! I want to thank you for stopping by. I always hate writing these “about me” pages because I never know what to write. Let’s see…I’m a Virgo, I like long walks on the beach – lol. O.K., so that’s probably not what I’m supposed to write on this page. Let’s get serious already!

My Internet Marketing career technically started in 2005 but I didn’t start making any money until 2006. Sound familiar? Yes, it took me a while (and several hundred dollars on ebooks and courses) to figure this whole Internet stuff out but I stuck with it and eventually achieved some success as an affiliate marketer. I think that first year I made a whopping $15,000! While it wasn’t a lot of money, I realized I was on to something and my business grew from there.

I am NOT an Internet Marketing guru so I’m not going to brag how I’ve made millions and that I’m writing this from my beach home in the Bahamas, but I have made enough money over the past few years as an affiliate marketer to make what would be a full-time income for most people. I didn’t get into site flipping until late 2007 when I sold my first site for $6,500.

Today I continue to spend the bulk of my time as an affiliate marketer but site flipping has become an integral part of my business. It compliments my affiliate business perfectly. If the right site comes along for sale, I can buy it and get a head start on my affiliate marketing. And when I get bored with a site or I realize I can’t give a site the attention it deserves, I can sell it for an infusion of cash to grow my business.

Now if you read between the lines of what I just wrote, you’ll realize I’m not a hard core site flipper. I’m not constantly buying and selling websites. I’m not a short term flipper. I focus on the long term. To that end, I primarily only BUILD and then sell websites. And when I sell them, I only do so after I’ve made money from them for at least six months. Even then I will only sell them if I’m bored with them or I just don’t have the time to dedicate to them – or I need an infusion of cash.

Let me give you an example. I owned a couple of websites that promoted popular health supplements. Both of these sites were doing really well in terms of traffic and revenue for several months. One was bringing in $1,500/month and the other one was bringing in $400/month. This was income that was totally on auto pilot. I wasn’t doing anything with these sites. It was all passive income. The problem was, I knew that if I didn’t start giving these sites attention, the income would eventually decline. I also knew these sites were boring the hell out of me and I had no interest in doing anything with them. I knew it was time to sell;) I ended up selling one for $13,500 and the other one for $5,200!

Travis VS

Travis is an affiliate marketer and website flipper who ran FlipWebsites.com until the Fall of 2010, when he flipped the site to Eppie Vojt.

  • Ted

    Hi, Why is the last comment on this site from 8 Months ago? Is this an active site?

  • eric


       I’m completely new to online businesses. How long would it take for me to learn the fundamentals of website flipping? How soon could I profit from it?

    Thanks You,


    • Chris Yates

      Hi Eric,

      I would say if you spent about 3 hours a day for two weeks you could get a good understand of fundamentals and have sold your first site (if you chose to focus on a quick flip). You can learn faster by reading a good course on the topic and then testing out the strategies quickly.

      • eric

        Hello Chris,

           Thanks for the quick response. I’m currently reading an e-book called, “Make Your Site Sell 2002.” Is that a good book to start with? What materials should I be reading or where should I learn from?



    • Abraham

      Hi Eric.  Send me an email and I can show you some things.    JJOHNSMIT@GMAIL.COM

  • Cary Bergeron

    I’m friends with Travis and Eppie and wanted to touch base with you guys.

    My name is Cary Bergeron and I flip sites as well as create and hold them.

    I currently have a network for sale on Flippa  https://flippa.com/140407-20-000-monthly-net-income-passive-adsense-network-50k-uniques-super-stable

    I’d like to touch base with you guys and see if we can work together somehow in the future.



    • Chris Yates

      Hi Cary,

      I sent you an email. Hope we can connect soon!

  • Richardhatch

    Travis VS was the bomb!

  • Congrats on the sale and purchase!  I wish you would have told us you were selling…we would have thrown our hat in the ring, for sure!

  • Krishanthinag


    Can I sell sites made with google blogger? Must the site have adsence in them? I cant get adsence as mine was rejected by google. I am not an expert to made sites with wordpress. so how do I made sites to sell?

  • alisa

    I agree with what others already said:
    Keller Hawthorne:
    “Your content is great – it’s not easy to find good and concise blog writers or well written blogs with such a specific topic focus…” (exactly !)
    Jann Flatinger:

    “I JUST found you thru DPRea on Twitter and it is EXACTLY what I have been searching for. Now that I’ve found THE BEST, I’ll catch up with content and start referring to all you have learned and are sharing. Thank you…..” ( not exactly but almost : I didn’t find you on Twitter but on Flippa…The rest is exactly )

    Keep up being so smart, good, friendly and nice 🙂

    I am happy to

  • I had heard of flipping houses but not flipping websites. It sounds like you have found a great niche for yourself. You are also providing a valuable service to people.

  • Jann Flatinger

    Well, I JUST found you thru DPRea on Twitter and it is EXACTLY what I have been searching for. Now that I’ve found THE BEST, I’ll catch up with content and start referring to all you have learned and are sharing. Thank you. We’ll be in touch!

  • Travis,
    I spent all evening reading through your ENTIRE site. Your content is great – it’s not easy to find good and concise blog writers or well written blogs with such a specific topic focus.

    I’m just poking my head into this channel of Internet marketing as my time is becoming more limited these days. I can’t wait to learn more!

    I was wondering how you would compare Michelle Adams’ VRED Voice book to Cary Bergeron’s AdSense Report? Have you read both and which do you recommend more?

    • Travis


      I’m blushing. Thanks for your compliments. I appreciate it! I have to return the compliments, however. Your blog is awesome and I really like your ThemeKitchens website. Is that entire ecommerce site built on WordPress? If it is, that’s pretty cool – I’ve never seen an entire ecommerce site built on WordPress.

      Michelle’s book is all about building and selling startup websites. It’s a nuts and bolts, instructional-type ebook. I would say it’s geared for the total website flipping beginner. After checking out your blog and reading your About Me page, I don’t think Michelle’s book would be the right fit for you.

      Cary’s ebook is geared strictly for the person who wants to build content-rich (i.e. authority) AdSense sites. I’d bet that a lot of the SEO methods he outlines in his book you already know about so I’m not sure his book would be right for you either. I guess I would only recommend his book if you are looking to build AdSense sites and AdSense sites only for website flipping.

      To be completely honest with you, based on what I’ve read about you, the Local Flip Formula is probably more up your alley. I could see you building mini ecommerce sites and then flipping them locally on Craigslist for $500 a pop. And given your IM and WordPress experience, you would probably do well building sites that local businesses would be interested in buying from you.

      Read my interview with the author of the Local Flip Formula if you haven’t already:

      Let me know what you decide and keep me posted on your progress! Good luck to you.


  • Alex

    Hi Travis,

    Noticed that you are a successful affiliate marketer as well. Do you have other website of yours that mostly centered on affiliate marketing? (like FlipWebsites on site flipping) I’m interested to check it out. Thanks.

    • Travis


      I don’t have any site that I’m willing to share at this point. I’d love to give you the sites that I mentioned on my About Me page that I sold but I have agreements in place with the buyers not to divulge the sites.


      • Alex

        Hi Travis,

        I think you’ve misunderstood me, I wasn’t referring to sites that you have sold but sites/blogs that you currently own (and are not intended to be sold in the near term) where you talk/discuss about affiliate marketing with your visitors.


        • Travis


          I did misunderstand you. Sorry about that;( I don’t have any sites or blogs dedicated to affiliate marketing. And I wish I could refer you to some blogs that discuss affiliate marketing but I don’t know of any off the top of my head. If you find any good ones, let me know!


          • Alex

            No worries. My favorite is Clicknewz.com by Lynn Terry. Other sites that I sometimes frequent are NetProfitsToday.com/blog by Rosalind G and JimmyBrown.com by Jimmy B himself, although the latter is not updated as often as it used to be.

          • Travis

            I love Lynn’s blog. I don’t know why I didn’t recommend it…duh! I haven’t heard of the other one’s you mentioned so I’ll check them out. Thanks for the head’s up.


  • tmo

    Hi again Travis- Would you mind sharing the metrics of the two sites you sold above. annual profit/sale price, price per monthly visit and/or impressions etc? Thanks. I will share some stuff I have compiled with you.

  • Travis


    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. We need to do something about you not making any money! I’ve got a couple resources I highly recommend. One is more of a step-by-step guide while the other one is more of a general resource that teaches you how to sell online.

    For the step-by-step guide, I HIGHLY recommend WordPress Goldmine by Mark Thompson. It’s $20/month so it’s not your typical $47 one-off ebook purchase. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll learn more in 60 days with this product (at $40) than any other ebook out there. You can cancel anytime with his product, by the way. Here is the link to it:
    WordPress Goldmine – Aff. Link
    WordPress Goldmine – Non Aff. Link
    *I’m providing both links but if you buy, I would appreciate it if you bought through my affiliate link;)

    The other FREE resource is a monster. It’s over 1,500 pages long – no joke! However, I recommend EVERYONE who does affiliate marketing at least browse through it. It teaches you the fine art of selling online. You can grab it here:

    If you have any other questions or need any additional help, feel free to leave more comments or contact me directly through my contact page here.

    Thanks – and best of luck to you!

    Travis Van Slooten

  • Hello, Travis
    I found you on Twitter. I only recently became aware of the site flipping idea thru PotPie Girl. Unfortunately, I’m one of those who have bben adrift in the world of affiliate marketing WITHOUT making any money.

    I was wondering if you could point me in a better direction for instruction. I really, really want to make money doing this. I love the internet and my goal is to find a way to teach others a profitable livestyle.

    Cathy G